013: Living Like a College Student with The Ultimate Millennial Money Nerd Whitney Hansen

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Who is Whitney Hansen?

Money Nerd Whitney HansenIn this episode, we’ll get to hear from Whitney Hansen.

Whitney is a personal finance coach and entrepreneur. She teaches millennials how to pay off debt and gain financial independence over at WhitneyHansen.com.

She also is the creator of The Money Nerds Podcast. The show’s concept is very similar to Masters of Money. If you love this podcast you should definitely be subscribed to Whitney’s.

When she’s not writing about money, podcasting, and creating financial plans for others, Whitney can be found taking spontaneous road trips, reading in coffee shops, or mentoring other entrepreneurs. See it all on her Instagram account.

In this episode, Whitney shares how she’s been able to make such huge financial progress at such an early age. She also shares her impressive debt payoff story, buying a home before she turned 20, and paying for grad school for less than the price of a new TV. I know you’ll be inspired.

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I hope you enjoyed that. A big thank you to Whitney for giving us the gold today.

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Show Notes

[02:30] – Discover how she bought a house at 19 and pays less than $900 a month
[04:13] – How bodybuilding competitions paved the way to eat inexpensively
[05:14] – The way she launched her business and her role in helping millenials start their own businesses
[06:50] – The decision to be deliberate with her free time and how she decides where to go every weekend
[08:07] – Her master of money moment in high school and how her parents’ split affected her path
[09:13] – The steps she took to save for a down payment working as a nail tech
[12:53] – How she paid off 30,000 of student loans while working in two very different fields
[15:05] – Find out why she would keep rewriting her budget over and over
[19:59] – Why she wrote her goals down and laminated them
[24:00] – Why she chooses not to work on her credit score at this point in time
[28:16] – What she learned from wealthy retired men

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