PTM 035 – Create Your Own Educational Program with El Brown of KinderJam

Part Time Money PodcastEl Brown was a full-time stay at home mom and creator of KinderJam, a learning program for preschool-aged kids. She built the curriculum out of a need to help her son who was not developing speech at the projected rate.

When she began teaching KinderJam classes her goal was to help the family finances by paying the car bill. Her classes grew until she was grossing over $50,000.00 a year.

As her program grew, she attracted other mothers who wanted careers that allowed for a stay-at-home lifestyle. Brown quickly packaged up KinderJam so potential instructors could purchase their own KinderJam business.

Today, Mrs. Brown works full-time growing KinderJam as CEO and is backed by a dedicated team of women who share her vision.

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Highlights from the interview:

El Brown Creator of KinderJam

El Brown, Creator of KinderJam

  • Why did you get started making part-time money?
  • What is KinderJam?
  • Who is the typical KinderJam customer?
  • Talk about how you packaged KinderJam up to sell?
  • How much does Kinderjam make?
  • What's the potential of KinderJam?
  • How do you market KinderJam?
  • What mistakes did make along the way?

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