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014: Mastering Money to Gain Control Over Your Life with Rob Berger of DoughRoller.net

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Who is Rob Berger?

Rob Berger Headshot DoughRollerIn this episode, we’ll get to hear from Rob Berger.

Rob Berger is the founder of the personal finance website Dough Roller and one of my favorite podcasts under the same name. He’s been rolling dough across the interwebs just a bit longer than I have…a little over 10 years now. It’s been great to read about and listen to Rob’s journey, as he’s just a few years older than me and always tackling the next big financial topic for me.

Rob is a lawyer, excellent chess player, and recent empty-nester.

In this episode, you’ll hear Rob share what he does that’s led to financial success, his process for paying off a lot of debt, financial goals, how he invests, and much more.

Update! Rob has a great, new book out, titled Retire Before Mom and Dad: The Simple Numbers Behind a Lifetime of Financial Freedom. Check it out on Amazon.com.

So let’s dig in. Let’s meet today’s Master of Money…

Listen to This Episode with Rob Berger

I hope you enjoyed that. A big thank you to Rob for giving us the gold today.

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Show Notes

[01:54] – The biggest contributor to his financial success
[04:04] – Why he’s happy to be at home in sweatpants and a T-shirt
[07:26] – What he believes you have to do to build any level of wealth no matter your profession
[11:39] – Why he turn down the 0% financing for 12 months I’m buying furniture
[13:02] – Why he took a six-figure pay cut
[16:38] – How he lowered his interest rates on his debt
[21:15] – Why he thought it was his destiny to become a woodworker and his view on investing vs paying off debt
[22:29] – Why he donates with a Vanguard Donor-Advised Fund
[28:22]- His goal for graduates to manage their finances so they don’t have to read a certain book
[36:33] – Why he doesn’t currently have any future financial goals and what he would do if he lived to be 90
[42:30] – How he feels looking back

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