Electric Shavers Are Horrible – Return Reminder and 5 Tips

Electric RazorsThis is just a quick reminder to return all those gifts you received or purchases you made over the holidays that you are not using.

One big example for me is the electric shaver I purchased.

The Electric Shaver

Prior to this purchase I’d used only disposable blade razors (you know…the Mach Turbo 20,000 Jet Blaster types).

I always figured the electric versions weren’t worth a flip and found them to be too expensive. But I found a Philips Nivea shaver on sale for around $100 at Kohls that you could use in the shower.

It came with shave gel that shoots out from the blades. Sounds awesome right? Well, it wasn’t.

While it didn’t hurt my face, it took too long (circles and circles) to shave and it just didn’t get close enough. In my opinion…a big waste of money.

Some would argue that disposable razors are a waste too though.

Inside the shaver’s user manual was information on the 60-day money back offer. I think most electric shaver companies offer this since the shaver is such an expensive investment.

I knew this was there and so after I’d discovered the shaver wasn’t for me, I put the shaver and all the equipment it came with aside with plans to return it.

Well, almost two months went by and I hadn’t returned it. Last night I finally got the motivation.

After realizing I had the receipt from Kohls (my wife had shrewdly stowed it away), I simply went up there and got my money back. $113.25 to be exact.

Can’t tell you how good that felt. I treated myself to a Big Gulp of Mountain Dew.

So, let that serve as a reminder to gather up all those new items you aren’t using because they either didn’t fit or because you just didn’t like, and return them. This includes that ugly shirt you got as a gift from Mom.

Here’s another return story…

The Stupid Tax on a Mattress

My wife and I got each other a king size mattress for Christmas this year.

Hey, that’s what she wanted. 🙂

We had the bed for a couple of weeks and weren’t able to get comfortable with the thing.

Long story short, we didn’t like it, and had the mattress store come and pick it up today. They were a bit grumpy about it.

The problem was that we used a small local store (they were offering a great price) and the store didn’t have a return policy.

So when I called the owner, he offered to come fix it or exchange it, but didn’t offer full refund. We ended up settling for 80% of the original price.

So, just a reminder that you should always take time to examine a store’s return policy. For sure on big purchase items like a mattress.

Not that our end deal wasn’t fair. 80% was pretty good for a straight return. It just would have been nice to know the policy, or lack there of, prior to purchase.

We chalk this one up as stupid tax and will just move on.

What to Do with Gifts or New Items You Aren’t Using

Here’s a few quick tips for how to handle unwanted items:

1. Use the receipt that came with it (or gift receipt, if a gift) and simply return it.

2. No receipt? Try the store you know or think the gift was purchased at OR call whoever gave you the gift and ask where they got it. Go there and get money or a store credit for the item.

3. No luck at the store? Check the manufacturer’s website and see what their return policy is. Consider writing a letter along with your return that explains why the item wasn’t for you. I’d bet most companies would honor the effort.

4. If #2 is too tacky for you or #3 doesn’t work, consider EBay-ing or Craigslist-ing your item.

5. Don’t want to fool with #3 or #4? Drop the item by Goodwill or similar donation place and let someone else get some use out of it.

Bottom line: Don’t be like me and have stuff in your house you don’t use; return it quick so you can get some money back.

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  1. Avatar Early Retirement Extreme says:

    If you shave in the shower and make sure the stubles are wet/soaped (I just use a wash cloth with bar soap and hot water) disposable razors can last many months. I use a straight razor with a disposable blade which I change maybe 1-2 times a year.

  2. @Electric Shavers – Thanks for commenting. Let’s hope so, and let’s hope they don’t cost a fortune.

  3. Avatar Electric Shavers says:

    I agree that electric shavers are not for everyone. I like the idea of them, but they currently don’t have the technology to provide a shave anywhere near a traditional razor. However, they might be on the way.

    The new ’08 series from manufacturers such as Remington and Norelco contain new suspension upgrades and precision cutting enhancements that make for a closer, better shave. If these breakthroughs continue, maybe electric shavers will one day match their traditional counterparts and deliver good shaves.

  4. Good for you. I forgot to mention the “re-gift.” Excellent.

  5. Avatar SavingDiva says:

    This year I only received a few gifts that I didn’t like. I plan on regifting them!

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