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019: Taking Calculated Financial Risks with Financial Rock Star Scott Alan Turner

Scott Alan TurnerScott Alan Turner is the host of the Financial Rock Star show.

He is a self-proclaimed money moron turned early retiree who now spends his time teaching money management to help you get out of debt, save more money, and retire early. Scott is a good friend, amazing burger chef, FinCon speaker, fellow Texan, and amazing podcaster.

In this episode, Scott shares how to tell what type of financial advisor you should use, the one thing his boss told him to do that was totally wrong for his finances, what he thinks you should do with your Social Security income estimates, and much more.

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I hope you enjoyed that. A big thank you to Scott for giving us the gold today.

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Show Notes

  • 1:35 How “conservative risk-taking” contributes to Scott’s financial success
  • 3:45 Scott’s advice for the risk averse
  • 4:45 How Scott and his wife found their first (and only) financial planner
  • 6:55 How conservative risk taking allowed Scott to quit his job
  • 8:55 Scott’s biggest money mistakes
  • 10:30 The impact that Clark Howard had on Scott and his financial mistakes
  • 11:50 What area of personal finance is Scott not good at?
  • 12:45 Should you depend on Social Security for your retirement?
  • 13:20 How Scott and his wife became debt free, including their mortgage, by age 35
  • 16:35 Choosing between paying off the mortgage or continuing to save
  • 19:30 Scott’s advice for someone who says, “well, my situation is different…”
  • 20:50 How Scott tracks his expenses
  • 21:45 Scott’s fascination with real estate and building homes
  • 24:55 How starting multiple businesses has affected Scott’s financial life
  • 27:15 Learning to be content with what you have

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