PTM 023 – Unemployed? Start a Children’s Clothing Company

Part Time Money PodcastToday’s episode is with Aliya Jiwa, owner of the children’s clothing company called Spunky Stork.

Alyia’s post-graduate overseas job “never materialized” and she had to return to the States and live with her Mom. During the next few years she did a lot of freelance writing to get by and she took the opportunity to start her own clothing company, without even knowing what the term screen print meant.

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More About My Interview with Aliya

SpunkyStork01:25 – Tell us about your unemployment.
03:50 – Aliya explains the time frame of her graduation and unemployment period.
04:35 – The emotions of the let down of a career.
05:30 – Aliya explains how she saved money during her unemployed period.
06:30 – The idea behind starting Spunky Stork.
09:30 – Aliya talks about the research behind her business idea.
11:40 – What came first: website or screen printing machine?
14:45 – How she learned to screen print for free.
15:15 – The loan from her mom to buy her first screen printing machine.
16:40 – Aliya talks about the website creation and getting traction on
18:00 – How sneaking in a trade show led to a $1,500 order.
18:45 – How she got wholesale accounts. Her cold sales approach and the national sales tour.
21:25 – How did you decide which stores to approach? Using to pinpoint stores.
23:05 – When did you start making good money? How drop-shipping increased revenue.
25:40 – How she manages the work?
27:10 – Have the buyers changed your business?
30:15 – How do you drive repeat customers?
31:25 – What kind of sales are you making a month?
34:50 – What mistakes did you make along the way?
37:00 – Getting invited to the Golden Globes and a celebrity order.
39:00 – Last bit of advice.

The Spunky Stork specializes in organic, “green” onesies and tees for babies and toddlers.


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