Kevin Trudeau’s Free Money

Check out Trudeau's new book.

Have you seen the late night infomercials featuring Kevin Trudeau's new book Free Money “They” Don't Want You to Know About?

If you think you've seen Kevin before, you would be right. He's been doing the late night infomercial thing for quite some time. He's probably most famous for his book on natural cures. A book that got him into a lot of legal trouble with the Federal Trade Commission.

Kevin Trudeau

Kevin Trudeau does not appear to have the kind of past you would hope for in someone giving you financial advice. A quick glance at his page on Wikipedia will show you all you need to know about this former criminal.

Kevin Trudeau's Free Money Reviews

From the reviews I can find on the web, this book, Free Money, appears to be a rehash of information you can find already for free. The “free money” Kevin is talking about is mostly unclaimed money.

Jason from One Money Design put together a great list of the unclaimed money sites in his recent post on where to find missing money. The book also touches on government grants.

You can go sort through all the available government grants at right now.

Just before he released Free Money, Kevin published Debt Cures “They” Don't Want You to Know About. Dough Roller did an excellent review of Kevin Trudeau's Debt Cures and his past.

Basically, DR points out that the book itself isn't bad, it's the sales tactics around the book that consumers find troubling. To avoid these sales tricks, just buy the book at Amazon instead. But know that you could probably dig around the Interwebs and find the same info on your own.

There are no secret cures. I won't tack on much to what DR said, but I will share this video I found about Trudeau. It's a piece John Stossel put together for ABC News.

Did you read Kevin Trudeau's Free Money? What did you think?


  1. I purchased the book and specifically asked if there were any other fee’s or items I would have to purchase and the representative stated NO!  well, THAT IS NOT TRUE!!! 1st my acct. was debited 24.95 for the newsletter that I never received nor did I want.  I was refunded that money.  Then my account was debited again or $59.95 from a company that  I never even heard of – when I contacted that company they stated that when I purchased the book I also purchased other items and that I agreed to it when they asked you the question – and they told you that you were being recorded, so they lied about just purchasing the book.  My invoice shows that I only purchased the book and nothing else, but these other companies, keep withdrawing money out of my account.  The one company did reimburse me, this 2nd company stated that my subscription was cancelled but that they do not reimburse the funds because of that recording.  I will be calling my bank in the morning and filing a stop payment.

    How many more of these are going to come out of my account.  The book did not give me any information that I already didn’t know.  

    Also, the website that everyone should get some money back, neither me nor my husband were due any money.  This is one big headache for me.  It is such a scam especially when a lot of people are having financial difficulties, you get a con artist like this who makes thing worse for the people that have worked hard their whole careers and then because we have idiots running our country – so we have to suffer – and then you have people like KEVIN TRUDEAU WHO THINKS AND PERSUADES  INNOCENT PEOPLE FOR $19.95 making them think that you could get something to help you when in fact, nothing in these books can help you – and then you are set-up because KEVIN IS IN BED WITH THESE OTHER COMPANIES AND YOU ARE NOT AWARE OF THESE OTHER COMPANIES UNTIL THEY WITHDRAW THE MONEY FROM YOUR ACCOUNT. HOW CAN THAT EVEN BE LEGAL?  ALSO, KEVIN DOESN’T EVEN HAVE A WEBSITE – THAT TOO IS A FRAUD.  HOW DO YOU LOOK AT YOURSELF IN THE MIRROR EVERYDAY – YOUR PARENTS RAISED A HORRIBLE PERSON!!!!

  2. JeanNVicRivera says:

    Philip Taylor JeanNVicRivera  
    This is so sad. To fool people with such a scam is not forgivable. I truly wish I had the knowledge to have access to other monetary  income to be able to get all our back bills paid off. If there is any way that you know of or can find out about help, please send them my name and email. If I don’t get help we could loose our house and our land. Thanks for contacting me

  3. Philip Taylor says:

    JeanNVicRivera  Jean, I’m sorry to hear about your struggle. I pray that you will experience healing and find comfort through this tough time.

    To clarify, this site isn’t owned by Kevin or in anyway affiliated with him. If I knew how to contact him I would help you. But I don’t. And he apparently doesn’t have any money anyway. He spent a night in jail last year to avoid paying him FTC fines.

  4. cheapnfrugal says:

    Oh Kevin Trudeau.. I once bought his “speed reading” course hoping to read faster.. and guess what.. I read faster but didn’t understand what i was reading. 🙂 Never buy from this quack.

  5. there is no such thing as FREE MONEY it is called get a JOB and work like everybody else has to

  6. jimmyjohnsonjr says:

    I think it was a very good read

  7. I am in the process of filing a class action lawsuit against all his companies, assets, holdings and hopefully also ultimately send him to Prison, where he belongs.  The lifers will get a kick out of his ‘infomercials’…lmfao!!

  8. Ann Gregory says:

    I ordered this book one late night almost a month ago and have yet to receive it.  But I have started receiving all the BS other junk they tried to sell me and asked me to try for free for 30 days!!

  9. VeronicaGonzalezPerez says:

    I ordered this book two months ago and haven’t received it!! So where is this free money book that I  paid for. 

  10. i would love to get this book but when your  broke like me it will never happen

  11. Thanks,The free money  Kevin is talking about is mostly unclaimed money.Nice lens.

  12. Ok look, if the government is trying to scare him off…..then Kevin must be doing something right. The government would not give a damn about another scam artist unless he’s on to something!

  13. MadisonnMalloyy says:

    I really wish I could stop being called ignorant. I’m 14 and am looking for financial help for my family. It’s really rude to call me ignorant for that, don’t you think?

  14. Just to let you know willf and anyone else who thinks just give it a chance if it doesnt work get a refund, it isn’t that easy. Kevin trudeaus return policy for all of his products is 30 days, seems like a reasonable amount of time right? But according to Kevin trudeau to actually accomplish any or all of his claims its going to take more then just a month or a little over that. So obviously 30 days isn’t enough time to know if he’s “claims” are true or not, someone would just have to have hope in his product. The lady in this video stating he’s saling false hope in her opinion and hundreds of others this is true. It is almost impossible to return his product within 30 days because its almost impossible to contact someone at trudeaus inc and when a rep finally got back with them AFTER 30 days they were told they’re pretty much shit out of luck, also some people continued to get charges to their credit card during those 30 days while they continued none stop trying to cancel or get a refund and unfortunately weren’t responded to until after those 30 days. Sadly people got stuck with credit card charges for items never even received, false hope, a bad outlook and most important people got stuck with a shitty book.

    • Openyoureyesseethetruth says:

       Trudeau is a finacial and scam criminal … i wouldn’t give him a chance much less my money and I’m a 16 year old …..

      • Openyoureyesseethetruth says:

         Wake up he’s a cheat and a liar.

      • Not sure if you’re confused or maybe read wrong. I didn’t say anything about me purchasing any of his stuff, I’ve read reviews and blogged with ppl that have used his products. My first comment was to warn ppl of this, if they were looking for answers. When all hope is lost some ppl like to put their faith into something that’s not so promising out of desperation. I’m not going to just post a comment telling someone to “wake up” or belittle them, I’m simple providing them with something that is relevant. Trudeau was convicted of fraud and larceny.

    • @Mace44  Just sue him, you’ll never hear a word from them again, BTW he currently owes fines to the FTC of over $20 million…still unpaid.

  15. Really_WOW says:

    Is everyone on here absolutely ignorant? The guy was just seen on national television in a blatant lie! It’s no wonder the guy made millions! If you watched the above video and still think that Trudeau is somehow helping and that the doctors and pharmacies are the bad guys here; you should just buy one for each person in your family! Holy $hit, this is so off that it surpasses being funny and is actually quite sad! Although, it is amazing how unbelievably gullible and stupid people really are!   

    • MadisonnMalloyy says:

      @Really_WOW Not everyone watches everything you dooo.. So not everyone sees what you see..

  16. Hell we all have something up a sleeve,but why would you believe the governors and politics these lying f**** are doing such as stealing money when they make money as Kevin say… Doctors,Governers and anyone with a “DEGREE” don’t give a damn cause all they is worrying @bout is their $$$$$$ signs is wat they see “FO REAL”””!!!!

    • solomon boateng says:

       @April N  @bout can  you help me with the amount of some money for my bisness  please

  17. OrlandoGiron says:

    y yo he visto estos anuncios en la madrugada. pero esta en ingles y no entiendo mucho

  18. OrlandoGiron says:

    me gustaria que me dieran los 500000 dolares pero no tengo ni para  comprar el libro ojala DIOS le toque el corazon y me los regalen tengo 6 hijos y no tengo trabajo por mi situacion en este pais espero que me ayuden que DIOS los bendiga

  19. MadisonnMalloyy says:

    If that’s the case, meme, then why are you on here?

  20. People grow the hell up. If you think it does not work for you after you buy the book send it back .If you read the cover of the new book it says  “UPDATED” . And by the way if you really read the books you will realize its really for the people who don’t know the ends and outs of the SYSTEM but need to be made aware of what may be out there to help them along the way. Not for the people who already know about all these extra goodies.  It’s amazing how ignorant some people can be. Maybe you should do a poll of the people this book has helped INSTEAD of being so critical. 

  21. MadisonnMalloyy says:

    I’m 14… And I’d do anything to help my family right now… My daddy has Multiple Sclerosis and it’s really progressing so he isn’t able to work. We recently purchased a new house before he was diagnosed and from there on, it’s gone nowhere but downhill, financially. We have had nothing but support from our family. I wish I was able to know the truth about things like these. And I wish people in this world weren’t so hanous and vile. If I could do all this by myself and have no trouble with it, I would! But, then again, I’m 14. What do I know? 3

  22. I agree he is a scammer, but no different then our own goverment. People today in my opinion have become soft and weak and sadly lazy, seems everyone wants results but are not willing to put forth any effort to get them. Its time to stop feeling sorry for ourself and stop being drug dependent for every little pain, cause as we know the FDA has a pill for any and everything you feel and its funny to me that anyone is so blind to just openly trust and take drugs (pills) when the side affects are 100 times worse then what they are taking them for. Not meaning to get off subject but look at what our goverment has become. It is almost election time again and with all the American people we have, this is the best we have to choose from? I dont know about you, but I find that very sad for our country. Its time the American people stand up and have a voice again and stop laying down and believing all the BS coming out of our goverment, cause at this rate I fear there will not be a America, or at least as we know it…

  23. I see you guys make very valid points,but whats the harm in purchasing his new 2012 edition book for $39.99 just to see if it does work.I mean it comes with a $500 guarantee and full money back guarantee.So even if you don’t make money you at least get yours back.So i see no harm in at least trying to see if spending the $40 to benefit yourself or family would hurt.i’m sure we have all spent $40 a lot more carelessly then that.

    • depnomore says:

       @willF Whatever you do, don’t give them your “regular” credit card.  Try a green dot or something.  My friend did this and his copy is forever on “back order”. I’ve heard terrivble stories about not being able to order “just” the one book, recurring charges on your card, and no refunds and/or RMA numbers.  Buy it from a book store, you probably have a better chance of a refund there!!

  24. I’m glad to see you speaking out against this crook – I think his ‘commercials’ are disgusting… he uses scantily clad women to ask stupid, obvious questions and is preying upon those who have fallen upon hard times. It sickens me to know that he’s making money by hawking his garbage and there are victims out there hoping his drivel will change their lives.

    People need to learn (and be taught by people like you through blogs like yours) how to live below their means and make wise decisions with their income and investments. Thank you!!

  25. Julie – that’s wonderful that your cancer is in remission, but I still think this guy is a snake oil salesman!

    • inkmartyr says:

       @LyricsRme1 yes but so is the government they are the number one con artiest and practiced by the law they are just mad at the fact that they are being exposed to their own lies. what makes him any different then any politician. 

  26. Dillon Ford says:

    When buying the Kevin Trudeau Free money book on his website watch out for hidden fees. If you do not read properly you do not read all the information on the page you may be charged an additional $99. All I read was $100 gas card and i marked the box for this and clicked yes. Then after ready the next few pages I saw that he tries to get you to spend more money on pointless things like monthly letters and things like this. I tried to go back so i could cancel the $99 payment and it will not let you return to a previous page. After my order was processed I called their customer service and talked to a representative. I was informed that my order has not yet shown up on their systems and that it will take 24 hours to show up. He also informed me that as soon as they are processed they have it automatically shipped out after 24 hours, so i was informed that I would have to mail the “Deluxe Package” back to them after I received it for a full refund…….

  27. jim petrucelli says:

    I am a franchisee in jackson hewitt. I am thinking to buy just to see and maybe share with my clients so as to maybe help them. I have been looking at alternative methonds of investment (to include gold and silver) because this countries financial markets, banks and politicians are broken.

    I believe yes kevin trudeaux is 85 percent crap! He is a free market businessman (america built on) but you need to make money the old fashion way , the way america was built, many of us have forgot and that is to EARN IT !!!!!! We are a country of give me , give me, give me……..

  28. This guy is a joke.
    speaking to onoy women…with their breasts hanging out
    or playboy bunnies?
    Seriously? Who is allowing this….and doesn’t he care how ridiculous he looks talking to these women?
    worse thing he has my last name…..disgusting

  29. I notice that you refer to trudeau as a ‘former’ criminal. Because he continues to scam the public I would say he is just a common criminal who will never change. He has all the classic signs of a sociopath! Unfortunately many are stupid enough to believe him and buy his ‘books.’

  30. Carl @ Free Money for All says:

    Nothing like a conspiratorial mindset to bring out the gullibility in people — which is kind of ironic if you think about it. Sow distrust in everyone else to get people to trust you. The gold bugs have been doing it to conservatives and libertarians for decades.

    Anyway, an interesting exercise is to try dividing up the entire federal budget and figure out how much each citizen would get if it was all handed back evenly. Might even be an improvement over the current morass of grants, subsidies and welfare.

  31. Completely agree. He does have the uncanny ability to keep bouncing back, though. I suppose it helps that he’s an extremely persuasive salesperson.

  32. Ha, I’ve seen these commercials in the early morning. For a guy selling money books he tends to have “interesting” co-hosts.

    Thanks for bringing his background to light for us.

  33. Bret @ Hope to Prosper says:

    I bought the Natural Cures book from Amazon, when I decided to change my eating habits and lose weight. There was some good information in the book, once you got past the conspiracy theories and FDA rants. I pegged Trudeau as a scammer long before his other informercials came on TV. But, the things I learned from his book were well worth the money. However, I don’t recommend this book because it’s 2/3 B.S. and definitely lacking in “natural cures”.

    Instead, I recommend the books of Dr. Andrew Weil, who is very knowledgeable on the affects of diet on health. I learned a lot from listening to his tapes that a friend lent to me.

  34. Thanks for sharing Julie. I’m glad to hear your cancer is in remission. Awesome.

  35. I bought his Natural Cures when I had cancer; and I’m in remission for 4 years and I lost 20lbs; I gained knowledge that yes prescription drugs are harmful and yes; the doctors and pharmacies are money hungry as WELL as Kevin Trudeau. But it’s the drugs that are killing people now, watch THEIR commercials or read the news about how many people are filing lawsuits. I am a firm believer and yes I DID pay for the original book for $29.95 but NOTHING else. Trudeau got in trouble with the government because he is NOT allowed to say that organic and natural ways to cure illnesses is the best way, because the government is NOT making money from all natural products. ANY person today who CLAIMS that their natural products will CURE will have the government running to their store and taking them to court too. No, I’m not taking drugs and I don’t intend to. If my cancer comes back I WILL NOT be taking chemo or drugs. By eating right and following some of the ideas in his book, you CAN feel better about yourself. DEBT CURES is just simple common sense. No I didn’t learn anything there. FREE MONEY; no I don’t intend to read more common sense. Don’t waste your money through FREE MONEY. NATURAL CURES, yes and I have read it many times. Go find a used book and find out for yourself. HE HAS a chapter or two explaining WHY the government was after him.

    And yes, I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog daily. Thanks for interesting facts.

    • Julie glad to hear your cancer is in remission, but I still think this guy is a snake oil salesman!