PTM 027 – How to Start an Excel Consulting Business with Jen Portland of

Part Time Money Podcast - How to Start an Excel Consulting BusinessToday's episode features Jen Portland from, the Excel spreadsheet company. She started this business on the side, after discovering the need for the service, and being the “go-to” spreadsheet person everywhere she worked.

Jen convinced her employer to let her go part-time in 2012 so that she could focus more time on Excel Rain Man. Jen has done an excellent job of bringing in other Excel experts to help her handle the workload. Listen in to see how she's done it all.

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Highlights from the interview:

0:30 – From “go-to” spreadsheet person to small business owner.
3:15 – Her pitch to Daily Candy and how that kick started her business.
4:45 – Jen's entrepreneurial DNA.
5:45 – The role of full-time employment during the growth phase.
8:15 – Disclosure with employers.
9:45 – Convincing the employer to drop to part-time.
11:30 – Revenue that allows you to take the leap.
13:00 – About spreadsheet consulting and how she collects leads.
14:00 – Revenue for 2012 and beyond.
14:45 – The number of spreadsheets it takes earn that revenue.
15:15 – Offering freebies (i.e. March Madness spreadsheet) to garner attention.
16:30 – Getting customers.
18:30 – The story behind the name, Excel Rain Man.
19:15 – Setting up the website. Phase two blog.
20:40 – Hiring talented sub-contractors on a per job basis.
23:15 – Using LinkedIn groups to find contractors.
24:15 – Setting up the business as an LLC/S-Corp
24:50 – The balancing act of running this business while still employed.
27:50 – The email newsletter.
28:50 – Keys to success, specifically how did you get into Daily Candy?
32:00 – Mistakes to watch out for.

Mentioned in the Interview:

Daily Candy

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  1. Money Life and More says:

    I really enjoyed the podcast 🙂 Then I scrolled down and saw the video… d’oh! Maybe I’ll pay more attention next time 🙂 Keep up the good work.

    • Philip Taylor says:

      @Money Life and More Haha. Yeah, Google Hangout makes it so easy to record the podcast I just do it that way. Might as well keep the video too. Thanks for listening!