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Part Time Money PodcastGet ready. This episode is packed with content and unveils the truth about a little known and misunderstood money making opportunity. In this episode of the Part-Time Money Podcast, I speak with two different people about interesting world of focus groups.

Interview with

First, I speak with Danny DiGiovanni, owner and creator of Danny's site acts as a hub for legitimate focus group opportunities. Danny shares about the origins of the site, and how to use it affectively.

Interview with a Professional Focus Group Participant

In the second part of the podcast, I speak with a woman who is currently a full time focus group participant. She drops some serious knowledge on us. She is making around $1,000 a week from her efforts. She reveals exactly how she's doing it, and she gives some solid advice to others who might just want to do this on a more part-time basis to earn $100 extra a week for a few hours work.

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Interview with a Part-Time Focus Group Participant

FindFocusGroups.comFinally, I also conducted an email interview with another user of Her name is Angie. Here is the interview:

1. How and why did you get started participating in focus groups?

I've been an active participant in some couponing blogs in my area for the past few years. I have a daughter who has some medical issues, making it hard to be able to hold down a full-time job, and am always looking for ways to help my family's bottom line. One of the blogs mentioned focus groups and mystery shops as a legitimate way to earn extra income. The blog also gave guidelines to avoid scams. I enjoy talking to people and giving my opinions on subjects, so why not? I signed up for a local company after researching their background, did my first group, and was hooked.

2. Why did you turn to Find Focus Groups to help you find groups to participate in?

I usually spend some time on a blog first to gage it's purpose before I participate in any of its suggestions, especially ones that recommend sites for part-time income. Find Focus Groups was listed, along with other sites for freelancers, and was noted for nationwide studies, which greatly expands my opportunities for qualifying for a particular study. I'm pretty technologically savvy, and wanted a chance to qualify for mobile applications and online testing. Find Focus Groups has allowed me to find those legitimate companies – all in one safe location. I do not worry about being scammed when I search their site.

3. How many focus groups do you do a month and how much are you making from this?

I would prefer not to discuss the number of focus groups that I have done, or talk about them, because it would violate any confidentiality agreement that I have signed with those companies. These companies depend on me to keep their secrets and to be honest. I will tell you, though, that in the past two years my husband and I have been doing focus groups, we've been able to save enough to take our kids for their first trip to Disneyworld over Thanksgiving – something we never would have been able to do without them.

4. Have you ever run into any scams?

I have been very lucky; the blogs I've been involved with all say the same thing. Never, ever go with a company that asks for money up front. Anytime I see that, I immediately flag it as a scam. Legitimate focus groups never ask you to pay them to join their panels. Find Focus Groups offers a safe haven and a comprehensive list of companies that offer a wide variety of panels, and never asks for a single dime in return.

5. Do you have any insider tips for someone looking to get started with doing focus groups for extra cash?

Do your research and find the legitimate companies in your area first. If need be, call them personally to verify. Sign up with them, and give your cell phone number first. Companies who don't get a hold of you immediately will go on to someone else, and you'll have missed out on an opportunity to qualify for a study. And always go to to check out the nationwide studies. Don't give up – it really works!

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