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Part Time Money PodcastIn this episode of the Part-Time Money podcast, we talk with Stephanie Taylor Christensen. Stephanie is a work at home mom who runs her own freelance writing business. Stephanie left a corporate career when her son was born and has since been pursuing a freelance writing career in her spare time. She also teaches yoga once a week, which pays for her gym membership and child care. In the podcast, she spends some time taking about how to become a freelance writer, even when you have a child at home. Here's more from Stephanie:

I am a home-based freelance writer and yoga instructor–all conducted on the side while raising my son! I also founded Wellness On Less, a site dedicated to inspiring people to discover their best lives when they prioritize both how they spend their money and time. It is quite a juggling act, but proving quite lucrative. I'd love to share my tips and experiences with your listeners.

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Here are some of the questions I asked Stephanie:

Stephanie Taylor Christensen - WAHM and Freelance WriterWhat made you want to start making part-time money?
What was your employment situation before you started?
Financially, how were you able to make the transition so quickly?
Was having a child your catalyst for making the move home?
How did you decide on freelance writing?
What was it about freelance writing that was appealing?
How do you make time to write?
Tell me about your yoga instructing income?
How do you move from small writing gigs to big?
How much are you bringing in from your writing?
What's next for your freelance writing career?
What mistakes have you made along the way?

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