How to Make Extra Money as a Dog Sitter

Make Money as a Dog Sitter

Love dogs? Need some extra money?

Today is your lucky day.

Here are two new sites that connect dog sitters (and potential dog sitters) with dog owners in need of a sitter: and

Both have been around less than a year, but they look like a promising way to bring in some extra income for the right individual.

If you're familiar with, the concept is very similar. As a sitter (boarder), you offer up your services and place for potential dog owners.

Dog owners check the site for sitters in their area and pick the one they like. The sites handle the money transfer. The site is seen as a welcomed alternative to leaving the dog alone, with an unwilling friend or family member, or at the kennel.

Looking for Dog Sitting Jobs?

If you're a dog sitter already, you're likely constantly keeping an eye out for new jobs. It's not every night that an owner needs a sitter, so your work is probably spotty at best. I can see how these sites will take a lot of the pain out of finding new jobs. A great lead generator.

Also, unlike Craigslist, the site is designed specifically for dog sitting services and offers a lot of the features that give responsible owners confidence in the service. This is where you want to be and this is the type of client you want.

Start a Dog Sitting Business

Hey big timer! If you're considering dog sitting as a legitimate, full-time business, these sites would make a great testing ground for your abilities, and a great way to build an initial client base.

The sites do take a small cut of your earnings every job:

  • takes 15% initially and the rate can drop to 3% depending on your history with the site.
  • takes 10% initially and will drop that to 5% based on your history with the site.

Dog sitting is definitely a legit business to start. I found this great profile from about business owner Jason Hofmann, who shares this:

[i]n 2004 I decided to start my own full time, in-home pet care business… I got off to a shaky start. The first year things were very difficult and money was tight. I made about $14,000 that first year. By 2006, business was booming and I was able to bring on some additional help as independent contractors. By 2007, a mere three years later, my business was grossing six figures.

Dog Sitting Rates

I'm not sure what a good dog sitting rate is, but the rates on these sites are pretty good considering the effort. The rates range from $15 to $50 a night. Do this a couple times a week and this could put an extra $500 in your pocket each month.

Have you ever made money as a dog sitter? Have you ever used one of these sites to find a sitter for your dog?


  1. Your figures for are actually incorrect, and I know this because I’m a sitter that does a lot of business through the site. takes a whopping 15% initially (not 10%), and then that percentage can drop to as low as 3% (not 5%).

  2. Mike Collins says:

    I’ve never heard of either of these sites but we do have a dog so they’re worth looking into.  In the past we used a kennel whenever we went on vacation but a dog sitter might work even better.

  3. Wayne Steinhilber says:

    My wife and I used a site in our area but a reference check is a necessity.

  4. addvodka says:

    I’ve considered doing this because I love dogs, but I have one and I don’t know that she’d get along with the guest dog all of the time. It’s a good way to make passive income, because you don’t always have to be entertaining a dog!