PTM 018 – Taking Your Freelance Writing Business to the Next Level with Miranda Marquit

Miranda MarquitIn this episode of the Part Time Money podcast I sit down with one of my own freelance writers, Miranda Marquit.

Miranda’s work can be found all across the personal finance blog-o-sphere.

She’s been able to take her writing business and expand it into a full-time money maker that helps support her family and allows her to spend more time at home with her child.

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Miranda is not new to this business. She’s been at it for at least 6 years and has really mastered what it takes to do this at an optimal level. We talk about how she got started, what makes her most successful, how she spends her time during the day, how she generates content ideas, and what mistakes to look out for. Miranda has written a book, Community 101: How to Grow an Online Community that I think any online business owner would enjoy. Be sure to check that out and visit Miranda’s website at if you’re in need of freelance writing services, or if you want to talk to her more about how she manages her business.

Miranda’s Story: Working From Home

Being able to stay at home to raise children is important to a lot of parents. After getting a Masters degree in Journalism, Miranda Marquit didn’t even consider looking for a job outside the home. She wanted to stay home with her son, and freelance writing was a perfect way for her to increase her family’s income yet be the primary caregiver for her child. If you’re a stay at home parent, read this article for more work from home ideas.

Miranda knew it was important for her to be able to write quickly, and she knew that if she wrote about areas she was passionate, her words would flow faster. Research wouldn’t bog her down as much either. In the beginning of her freelance career, she didn’t solely focus on personal finance writing; she thought she was going to be a science writer for a while. After several people asked her to write personal finance pieces, she naturally gravitated towards those and has now developed a reputation as a personal finance freelance writer.

As a mom, Miranda had to be strategic about finding the time to write her articles. When he was younger, she often wrote early before her child awoke, during naptime, or at night after he had gone to bed. She also sent him to daycare a few hours a day and used that time to work as well. Now that he is in school, it’s not an issue.

Watching Her Business Grow

Miranda earns anywhere from $20 to $150 an article. Much of the difference is dependent on the client and their budget. She can also earn more depending on revenue sharing or traffic bonuses, if they are offered. Since Miranda can typically write a 500-word article in 15-20 minutes, she can usually earn around $300 a day if she’s working on 10 articles that day.

As her client base has grown as well as her ability to write faster, she’s seen her income grow. Miranda hasn’t had to actively search for writing jobs in over 3 years. She’s quick to point out that it has taken a lot of hard work and time to get to where she is, but she does little-to-no marketing of her services anymore. Read about other successful freelancers in this article.

Miranda’s Advice for Getting Started

For someone wanting to get started on a career in freelance writing, Miranda gives the following advice:

      1.Create a webpage: Even if you don’t have a blog, create an online portfolio of your work and contact information so clients can learn more about you.
      2.Apply for jobs: She recommends online job boards like ProBlogger, Freelance Writing Gigs, Guru, and eLance. Find a place where you can write regularly, even if it’s for less money at first.
      3.Stick with it: Miranda says she wrote a lot of pieces she didn’t enjoy writing for a year and a half or two years, but continuing to do the work it took to build her online reputation was important.
      4.Take a writing class: Even if it’s just a community education class or auditing a composition class at the local university, Miranda says brushing up on the fundamentals of writing is helpful for anyone who is just beginning.

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Want to get started as a freelancer like Miranda? Check out this course, Get Paid to Write for Blogs, by my friend Catherine.

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  1. You are welcome, Miranda. I waited too long to have you on the show.

  2. Peter Anderson says

    Go Miranda!

  3. Miranda Marquit says

    Thanks for the opportunity, PT!

  4. Dana @ Budget Dietitian says

    This was great! Loved the detail and hearing about the day-to-day schedule of Miranda.

  5. Thanks, everyone, for the kind words! I think Kevin’s right; sitting down and banging a few out at a time can be quite helpful, rather than doing it piecemeal. Another thing that I do, that I didn’t mention, is keep an “ideas list.” I have an electronic version on my computer, as well as one that I carry in a notebook in my purse. If I get stuck, I can turn to those ideas for something to write about.

  6. 20 and Engaged says

    Miranda is definitely my inspiration for freelance writing. I have her book on my Amazon wish list and will be reading it soon!

  7. Kevin@OutOfYourRut says

    Freelance blog writer here–and Miranda helped me get there! While she was busy writing 5-10 posts a day, she took some time to provide advice and valuable connections that helped me on my way. She’s a certified leader in the blog writing universe!

    I think your comment “go for it” is really the key to the whole effort, you just have to commit and go. Like any new venture it’ll take time to build, but fortunately writing–on blogs at least–is very doable.

    I don’t have a degree in journalism (or anything close to it), so speed is harder to come by. But I’ve found that regimentation can be a big help. If you can block out time to write two or three posts in one sitting it tends to go faster. You get into a rythym and the writing starts to flow. Writing posts one at a time may seem simpler, but it really will take more time trying to do it that way, especially if you’re new to writing.

    I think that a lot of people could easily do this on a part time basis, and if you find that you really like it, you can gradually build it into full time. It’s easily the most enjoyable income earning venture I’ve ever worked on, and you can’t say that about most endeavors that involve work!

  8. Carrie Smith says

    I really enjoyed this interview. I especially like the idea about sending your child(ren) to daycare or day camp. It makes your work more productive and gives the child good social interaction.

    I am going to try and organize my thoughts, to stop and think about my subject before writing like Miranda suggested. That’s another good piece of advice.

    As always, thanks for doing the podcast PT.

  9. Wow! I’m also impressed with her writing speed and the range of income per article. Time to keep practicing and honing my skills.

  10. Awesome interview!
    Even though I was shocked to hear how fast Miranda writes an article… I can easily say that the articles she produces are top notch quality.

  11. David Leonhardt says

    I also sent my daughters to pre-school, even though I worked out of home. It was so important for them to get socialization, and there is no way I would be able to give them attention while working. In the afternoon, there would be naps (only for them, unfortunately).