PTM 015 – Self Publishing Amazon Kindle Books with Jay Herring, Author of The Truth About Cruise Ships

Part Time Money PodcastIn today’s episode, I talk with friend and author, Jay Herring. Jay is the author of the The Truth About Cruise Ships (available for $9.95 on the Kindle). From one of the reviews: “this book makes for the perfect reference for anyone entering the cruise industry or even passengers who are interested in the other side of the spectrum”.

Jay’s book is now generating over $4,000 a month in Kindle sales through the Listen as Jay shares his story of deciding to write a book, getting it self-published, and what he thinks is the reason behind his success through Amazon.

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Here’s more about what Jay and I discuss:The Truth About Cruise Ships - Self Publish on Kindle

Motivation and Deciding to Write

What made you want to make some part time money?
What made you want to write a book?
Why did the book take so long?
What motivated you to write this book?
Were you looking for other money making ideas or were you just in it for the book?
What’s the book about?

About Self-Publishing

How does the self-publishing process work?
How easy is it to self-publish?
When did you release on the Kindle vs the paperback?
Who did the binding and editing?
Where did you find the editors?

Getting into Amazon and the Kindle

Tell me about the Amazon Kindle sales revenue you have.
What type of format do you need to have the book in?
How do you get your book into Amazon and on the Kindle?
Is Amazon the one place to sell?

Marketing the Book

What made sales grow?
Jay gives 4 reasons why his book is doing well.
Did sales grow because of reviews?
Where are you in terms of your growth?
How have you marketed the book outside of Amazon?

Other Tips and the Future

Any other tips for someone wanting to self-publish into Amazon?
Can you turn any information into a ebook for Kindle?
How is this helping you financially?
Where do you see this going?

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