Join Me as a Guest on the Masters of Money Podcast

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I have a podcast show called Masters of Money. I’d love for you to be my guest.

Will you join me on Skype for a 60 min audio AND VIDEO interview?

I know your financial experience will really resonate with my audience and make an awesome show.

I would be truly humbled if you would be willing to share a personal and honest account of your financial failures and successes.

Some questions I may ask:

  • What is one thing that you do, that you feel others don't, that has been key to your financial success?
  • Tell me about when you realized that you wanted to become a Master of Money (i.e. your financial turnaround).
  • Tell us about one of the big financial goals you’ve achieved and how you did it.

Here is the link where you can schedule a time that works for you:

Thank you in advance,