PTM 005: Making Extra Money By Turning Your Hobby into a Small Business with Jeff Block of

Part Time Money PodcastIn this episode of the Part-Time Money Podcast I speak with veteran entrepreneur, Jeff Block, of Jeff took his passion for a hobby, origami, and turned it into a small business that he now runs with two employees. provides custom made flowers for anniversary gifts and all floral occasions. Jeff is also the author of Steel Wool on a Stick: My Hobby on Steroids.

I really enjoyed the interview with Jeff. He gets into how and why he started his business. He gives some insight into starting an online store and driving traffic to it. He also delves into some entrepreneurial advice that only an experienced small business owner could give. Very good stuff.

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Here's what Jeff said about his small business:

I turned my hobby into a full time business with 2 employees. It's my American Dream come true story. We've had over 35,000 customers and nobody knows about us!

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