Ebates.com Review

ebatescomWhenever I make a purchase online, I like to spend a few extra minutes looking for coupon or promo codes.

I just hate to buy something with that little code box left incomplete. Don’t you?

If I don’t find the code somewhere, I at least make sure and head over to Ebates.com to get some cash back. Here’s my review of Ebates.com: an easy, safe way to save a little money when shopping online.

About Ebates.com

Ebates.com is pretty much the best online shopping cash back website out there. They’ve been around since 1998. I’ve used them on and off since 2006.

What they are is an affiliate re-seller of just about every online store available. They pass part of their commission on your sale back to you in the form of a cash-back payment.  To get the cash back, all you have to do is click through their site to the preferred online store. Easy, right? Just make sure you have an account…

Sign Up for Ebates.com Using Refer a Friend $5

If you sign up today, you’ll get $5 cash instantly added to your account. Then you can start earning cash-back rewards for every purchase you make online. Also, once you have your account, you can refer other friends of yours and get $5 for each successful referral.


The Secret to Using Ebates.com

In my opinion, the secret to using Ebates.com is to treat it as just another tool in your frugality tool belt. Only take it out and use it when you are already planning on making a purchase.

By all means, if you need something, take the time to swing by Ebates.com and use their cash back discounts. If you don’t you’re simply passing up free money. Otherwise, just leave it alone. Don’t go into Ebates.com without a plan already. Happy shopping.

Start Shopping with Ebates

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  1. I was a little skeptical when a friend shared this site with me but I have been using Ebates since Nov, 2011 and so far have gotten about $100 in checks from Ebates. I shopped at Sears, Walmart, Lowes, Advance Auto and Amazon. Places that I would normally shop anyway. It’s so easy, shop at home online, place your order and just drive to the store and pick it up. My husband recently needed a battery for his truck, I ordered it online, saved through Ebates plus got an extra savings for ordering through Advance Auto online, he drove to our local store and picked it up 30 minutes later. How much easier does it get? Ebates has my vote. Sylvia, Connelly Springs, NC