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In order to make sure your credit score is as high as possible, you'll need to keep a close eye on it, preferably before you're applying for a line of credit. 

Finding your free credit score online isn't as easy as you might think, as the FICO credit score is not available at most online merchants. is unparalleled when it comes to FICO credit score accuracy and credit report information and signing-up for their 10-day free trial offer is a breeze. 

Allow me to take you through the information you'll have available to you after completing the sign-up process (2-3 minutes in length).

myFICO Credit Report and Score

Immediately following the completion of your personal and credit card information, you land on a page which displays your FICO credit score (from Equifax) as well as other information valuable to your future credit. First, let's take a look at the summary page:

You'll notice that in addition to the FICO score on the left, you see four categories to the right that play into your credit score. In the example above, the length of credit history is keeping this FICO score above water, as the amount of debt is relatively high and the payment history as not been good. A score of 592 is not good enough to obtain a mortgage, however with a few more months of on-time payments, and a reduction of the debt amount, the score should improve. An illustration of these points is provided below.

In addition to your credit score, you'll also receive your credit report from Equifax, which will show you the last two years worth of payment history from all of your creditors, as well as any public records or collections against you. There are a total of seven pages available, detailing different aspects of your credit report. A summary page for this is also available and show below:

The 10-day Score Watch Free Trial is an excellent way to keep track of your FICO credit score and know exactly what areas you need improvement in. To continue the service beyond the free trial, the cost is $12.95 a month, however using the coupon code FICO25 will discount your purchase by 25% (essentially providing you 5 months worth of monitoring for the price of four months).

Canceling the service should you decide not to continue is a breeze, as myFICO allows you to send a secure message to your account requesting a cancellation. Just remember to do so within the 10-day free-trial period, as your credit card will be charged $12.95 on the 11th day.

For those with excellent credit, there really isn't a need to monitor it day by day, however checking your credit score and report frequently to make sure that the information is 100% accurate is a crucial step in managing your finances.

The 10-day myFICO free credit score offer was launched just a few weeks ago and even if you've taken advantage of this offer in the past, you will be eligible to try it again (so long as it's been over 12 months). I've used this service for a long time now and the alerts I receive in my email have been extremely helpful.

To sign-up for your 10-day free trial on the myFICO Score Watch offer, visit any link within this post.

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  1. Great article. I have a question. If you got the 10 day free trial offer and canceled during that time frame, if I don’t continue the service, does that count as having received your free annual credit report for the year? I like to space them out and get one every four months and Equifax is in January for me.