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Over the last 18 months, I’ve made a valiant effort to bring my credit score out of the dumps.  With a mountain of student loan debt and other debt from when I working a very low paying job, I found out my credit score was in the middle 400’s. To be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised if I have the lowest credit score of anyone reading this post today.  However with some hard work, in both my career and my budget, I’ve been able to raise my credit score to just under 600.  It’s not anything to write home about but I’m thrilled with the progress.

One of the ways I make sure to continue the upward trend is to check my credit scores at least a handful of times each and every year.  Most companies charge you for this service but if you look hard enough, you’ll find a few that offer a free trial and one of those providers is GoFreeCredit.com and their 7-day free trial offer.

GoFreeCredit.com provides users a look at their free credit score from all three major credit reporting bureaus during a 7-day no risk free trial.  That means you’ll see scores from Experian, Equifax and TransUnion and be able to correct any errors found on your credit report during the process.  GoFreeCredit.com will also provide you a few tidbits and facts about your free credit scores to help you better understand and improve for future reference.  Let’s take a look at the sign-up process and the features that GoFreeCredit.com has to offer.

GoFreeCredit.com Sign-Up Process

After visiting the GoFreeCredit.com website, you’ll be provided an opportunity to enter your basic personal details which will begin the sign-up process.

From there, you will be asked for more of your personal information including address and phone number.  You’ll see a box pre-checked, providing you more information on special deals but if I were you, I would un-check that box to ensure you don’t receive a lot of useless future email.  Once you’ve completed the form, you’re finished with what GoFreeCredit.com needs and it’s time to move on to Credit Score Complete to receive your free credit scores.

You will be redirected to the Credit Score Complete page where you must enter your social security number as well as your credit card information and create an account with a user-name and password.  This is a 7-day free trial, but should you decide not to cancel within the free trial period, you will be billed $19.95 a month for their service.  The credit card will not be charged during the free trial so do not worry about seeing a charge you don’t recognize on this months statement.

Finally, as with all free credit score products, before they can release your scores you must answer a handful of questions to confirm your identity.   The questions are all multiple choice and if you get any of them wrong, you will be asked a few more.  Get those wrong and unfortunately, GoFreeCredit and Credit Score Complete will not be able to provide you your free credit scores.  Answer carefully and take your time.

Along the way, you may be asked if you want to sign-up for a public records report or a more extensive version of what GoFreeCredit.com provides during the 7-day free trial but make sure you select “No Thanks”, otherwise, your  credit card will be billed for the report.

GoFreeCredit.com User Interface

The entire process takes only a few minutes and once you’ve completed it, you’ll have access to your three free credit scores in addition to triple bureau credit monitoring and triple bureau credit alerts.  The page that shows you what your credit scores are and compares them to others looks a little something like this:

Below this are reasons why your score is what it is.  For example, even though I have improved my scores tremendously over the last 18-months, I still have a lot of negative information in my accounts and that won’t be leaving anytime soon. (Negative payment history can last up to 7 years).  Each bureau will report their own reasons why your score isn’t as high as it can be.

The other part of the credit score interface is the alerts page, where members will be able to track the happenings of their credit score.  Initially, you won’t see any alerts listed however the longer you intend to keep the GoFreeCredit credit monitoring service, the more alerts you’ll find on this page.  Alerts can be good or bad news so don’t worry if you have a lot of them.  The important thing is to make sure they are always accurate.  Disputing credit information can be a hassle and the earlier you get to it, the better.

If, after seven days you are not happy with the services that GoFreeCredit.com can provide you, or if you simply have no further use for them, you can cancel the subscription. (Or any day within the seven day free trial period).  To do this, you must call their toll free number between the hours of 8amET and 8pmET Monday – Sunday (hours extended to midnight M-Th) and request a cancellation.

The phone number to do this is 1.800.316.8824 and you can bet they will provide you discounts or better offers in an effort to keep you around.  Kindly inform the CSR that you appreciate the offer but you’re not interested at this time and they’ll process the cancellation for you with a confirmation email.

The GoFreeCredit.com 7-day free trial offer is a great way to see how strong or weak your credit is and what you can do to improve it.  If you need to continue your service beyond the free trial, their interface and alerts section is extremely easy to use and understand and the price of $19.95 a month is reasonable when compared to other credit monitoring offers.  To sign-up for your free trial, visit the GoFreeCredit.com homepage and receive your triple bureau credit score.


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    Here are also some useful tips that will help you increase your credit score in about a month: 1.Make payments from your own credit cards 2.Don’t try to use all your credit line each month (if your credit limit has already been exceeded, this may cause damage to your credit history). 3.Don’t deal with credit card companies that don’t communicate your credit limit. 4.Always discuss your money problems with creditors. Thus, you will be able to stay afloat even if your credit history is not perfect at the time.

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