Improve Your Credit Score with Our Ultimate Guide to Credit

  This post is brought to you by Experian. While this was a sponsored opportunity, all content and opinions expressed here are my own. Have you ever wondered exactly what it takes to build a good credit score? Maybe you've made some credit mistakes in your past and you're wondering how to fix them. Or perhaps you've wondered if your credit score even really matters. No matter what questions you have about credit, you're sure … [Read more...]

Get Free Personal and Business Credit Scores at

  Learning more about your business credit is not as simple as it is for your personal credit. It's a totally different system for business credit and there are fewer services available for checking it. Thankfully, has come along to help small business owners (and individuals) better understand their credit. As you'll see, Nav has premium offerings to consider, but even their basic service allows you to check your … [Read more...]

Build Your Credit and Savings at the Same Time with Self Lender [It’s Legit!]

  This post is brought to you by Self Lender. While this post was sponsored by Self Lender, all content and opinions expressed here are my own. PT's note: I first heard about Self Lender when a close friend asked me, "hey, is Self Lender legit?" His wife wanted to start improving her credit and wanted to know if Self Lender was a good option. It's definitely a novel concept and has that too-good-to-be-true feel. As it turns out, they are legit (I've met their … [Read more...]

Experian IdentityWorksSM Review: [FREE TRIAL] ID Theft Protection Plus Credit Reporting

**This article contains sponsored advertising content. About IdentityWorksSM In 2016 alone, more than 15.4 million consumers in the United States were victims of identity theft with more than 16 billion dollars stolen. With online shopping and credit card usage skyrocketing, it is not surprising that identity theft hit an all time high in 2016. Recognizing this fact, Experian has been offering consumer protection from identity theft for close to a decade. The … [Read more...]

Finances in Order? Don’t Forget to Monitor Your Credit [TransUnion Credit Monitoring Review]

This post is brought to you by TransUnion. While this post was sponsored by TransUnion, all content and opinions expressed here are my own. You’ve come a long way in your financial journey. You mostly follow your budget, you’re no longer surprised by financial emergencies, and you are working on saving for long-term goals, like home ownership, college, or retirement. It can be easy to feel like you can rest on your laurels once you get to this point. After … [Read more...]

Best Identity Theft Protection Services for 2020

Identity theft is one of the modern age’s most pervasive and expensive financial problems. According to the 2018 Identity Fraud study released by Javelin Strategy & Research, $16.8 billion was stolen from 13.1 million American consumers in 2017. That's up from the $15 billion frauders stole in 2015. The credit card and banking industries are working to thwart identity thieves. They've instituted chip-and-pin technology on … [Read more...]

The Best Free Credit Score and Monitoring (of 2020)

If you’ve ever applied for a loan, credit card, or tried to rent, your credit score and history have most certainly been reviewed.   Whether you agree or disagree with the need for credit scores, they're a financial measure of one’s ability to make payments. Scores are widely accepted today across all aspects of your financial life. Of course, if you pay with cash, own your home, vow to stay out of debt, avoid car payments or other forms of debt, the need for … [Read more...]

Get Your Free Credit Score from Credit Sesame [Our Review]

A good credit score is one of the most valuable assets you can keep in your financial portfolio. Credit Sesame allows you to keep an eye on your score for free, no credit card required. With Credit Sesame, you can monitor your credit for free. They provide a monthly credit score from TransUnion, one of the three major credit reporting agencies. Credit Sesame also offers other free services, including identity theft protection. It … [Read more...]

Protect Yourself Against Identity and Credit Card Theft

Let’s get the bad news out of the way: no person, action, service, or product can prevent identity theft. The fact of the matter is that identity thieves can and will find victims. But the good news is that protecting yourself from identity theft is like trying to outrun a mountain lion. While you’ll never be faster than the lion, you really don’t have to be. The important thing is to be faster than the poor schmo puffing away next to you. In the case of identity … [Read more...]

Is a Free Credit Score Legit or a Scam? [Credit Karma Review]

When it comes to getting your finances in order, your credit score serves as an important tool. There are a few ways to get a free credit score but none of them give you the depth of information provided by Credit Karma. As you’ll see from the Credit Karma review below, it’s a legit way to get a free credit score as well as additional tools for improving your credit. Knowing your credit score and taking steps to improve it are … [Read more...]

3 Free Credit Scores From

Over the last 18 months, I've made a valiant effort to bring my credit score out of the dumps.  With a mountain of student loan debt and other debt from when I working a very low paying job, I found out my credit score was in the middle 400's. To be honest, I wouldn't be surprised if I have the lowest credit score of anyone reading this post today.  However with some hard work, in both my career and my budget, I've been able to raise my credit score to just under 600.  … [Read more...]

Get Your True FICO Credit Score from

  Knowing your credit score is an essential part of staying on top of your finances. Getting an official FICO credit score will help you keep tabs on how well you’re managing your money. There are several different ways to get your credit score for free without having to enter your credit card information. There’s no trial membership to keep track of and cancel down the road. However, keep in mind that not all credit scores … [Read more...]