Find the Cheapest Gas In Your Zip Code

GasBuddy - Find the Cheapest Gas Price by Zip Code

Are you finding the cheapest gas in your zip code?

Hands down, the best way to find the cheapest gas in your zip code and cut fuel costs is by using GasBuddy.

They have a website at and they have their very popular mobile device app, GasBuddy available for the Android, iPhone, Window Phones, Blackberry, and they also have a mobile browser compatible site.

How GasBuddy Works to Find the Cheapest Gas

The website and app are both completely free. I just downloaded the app for the iPhone. Once you allow the app to know your location, or once you put in your zip code, you can start sorting through a list of gas stations nearby.

The app will show you gas stations in a list format or on a map if you like. You can sort the list by location (closest) or by price. Even when you sort by price, the distance from you is listed along with the station information. That way you can make a determination if it’s worth it to drive to that station to get the gas.

But the absolute best way to find the best station is to look at the map. By pulling up the map, you get to see little icons representing gas stations in your area. You can quickly and visually see which is your best option. You know where you’re headed and what would be out of your way, so you can use the map to help find the best place.

How is GasBuddy So Smart?

How does gas buddy get their prices? You! That’s right, the whole system is built on a community of self-reporters. Millions of GasBuddy users across the nation report prices everyday. How does GasBuddy keep users interested in self-reporting? They provide a bit of incentive.

GasBuddy offers points for each report you make. These points can be collected and turned in for entry into a weekly giveaway. 1,000 points gets you one entry into the weekly giveaway. Right now you can earn 150 points for reporting a price. When you sign up for an account you get an instant 100 points.

I can see how this points and prizes thing can become very addicting for someone who’s on the road all day, or who has a very long commute. Used in combination with one of the best gas rewards credit cards, you can really save some money on gas.

Are you using GasBuddy? What’s your favorite feature?

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  1. Huh, I wondered how they got their pricing. I don’t usually search around for cheaper prices specifically, since I pretty much only pass one gas station anyway, but I can see where this would come in handy for people who fill up frequently and pass near many stations.

    • Yeah, it’s actually helped us when we are out on the weekends running around. Should we get the gas here or wait till w get home. It’s saved us a few dollars. For the road warrior I imagine it’s a must.

  2. @david – good point…i think a lot is made over a few cents. if you know your daily commute though, it’s nice to see the spots you’d want to make a habit of stopping…assuming a cheaper place is typically the cheapest, and it doesn’t go back and forth.

  3. David Carter says

    For me it isn’t really worth it. To fill up, its only 10 gallons. At the most the price differences are .10. So the most I could save is $1. I am not really willing to drive far just to save this dollar. I only fill up once a month or so b/c I don’t drive a lot anyhow.

  4. I’ll have to check out that tool. Gas is up over $4 lately by me.