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Do you shop online? Who doesn’t, right? Well, you can earn extra cash back (or at least rewards) by starting your shopping from a cash back or rewards website. You still buy the item from your preferred retailer, you just click to that store from the cash back site to earn rewards.

A cash back site is a website shopping portal (online mall) where you can earn cash back on your spending. Typical deals are anywhere from 1% to 5% cash back, with some retailers offering more than that. To earn the cash back, you must begin your online shopping by clicking to the store from the cash back website. 

So how do these online malls offer this cash back? They actually get a commission on the sale of the merchant’s product. They then turn around and give you a cut of that commission.

With that in mind, here is my list of the best cashback (and reward shopping) sites:

1. Rakuten (Formerly Ebates)

Rakuten is my number one choice for getting cash back online. They have been around a long time (Since 1998. I joined in 2006.), and they offer a huge selection of stores to choose from. In my opinion, they actually have the best cash back site. The site is very user-friendly with an easy-to-understand user interface, and they are affiliated with over 2,000 online stores.

Here’s how Rakuten works:

You start by signing up with the program, either with an email address or using a social media login. From there, you’ll be able to log onto the Rakuten site where you can start your shopping at any of their affiliate stores. Alternatively, you can install an Rakuten button on your browser so you don’t have to sign into Rakuten every time you shop.

You can cash out your Rakuten cash back anytime you’ve earned $5.01 or more–but do remember that Rakuten only offers payouts every three months, with the money you earned over the previous quarter. In addition, the site offers a great blog where you can key in on some of the bigger cash back offerings.

Finally, the have a Daily Double program where you can earn 2x the points on one specific merchant. You can elect to receive your payment by check or PayPal, or you have the option of donating your cash to a charity of your choosing.

One more thing I love is that they give you $10 just for opening an account. Once you get into their program, can earn $25 on every qualified referral you make.

Read my full review of Rakuten.

2. Mr. Rebates

Since 2002, Mr. Rebates has been offering shoppers cash back on their online purchases and currently boasts over 2,500 different online stores to shop from and earn cash back. To get started, you sign up for free on the site (or download the Mr. Rebates app for Apple or Android). Whenever you need to make an online purchase, start from the Mr. Rebates site or app to earn cash back on your purchase.

Once you’ve earned at least $10, you can cash out through PayPal or via paper check in the mail.

While the user interface for Mr. Rebates is not nearly as intuitive as some other cash back site, the sheer volume of available stores makes this an excellent site for earning cash back.

In addition, the Refer-a-Friend program through Mr. Rebates allows you to earn 20% of whatever cash back your friends earn–and your referral bonus does not affect their cash back in any way, so referring your friends is a win-win.

3. EvoShare

EvoShare offers an innovative twist to the well-worn idea of cash back for everyday purchases. Instead of sending you the money directly, EvoShare automatically deposits your earnings into a retirement or student loan account, meaning your cash back actually helps you to build a better future.

The program also allows users–known on the site as “EvoSavers”–to transfer their cash back earnings to a family member’s retirement or student loan account.

With favorite merchants like Target, Kohl’s Ebay, Walmart, and Macy’s among their 300+ online retailers, and cash back percentages that range from 1% all the way up to 22.5%, EvoShare makes it easy for users to earn money for their retirement or student loan payoff goals while making their usual purchases online.

EvoShare is easy to set up. Users can sign up in as little as two minutes, and link as many debit cards and/or credit cards as they wish. You can take advantage of EvoShare’s cash back rewards in addition to any rewards on your personal credit cards, so rewards hackers can get even more out of their shopping by using EvoShare.

To earn your cash back, just begin your shopping by logging onto your EvoShare dashboard and clicking onto any of the partnered retailers where you’d like to shop. EvoShare also offers a chrome extension to notify users when they are visiting a participating online store. 

EvoShare does not store any of your credit card data, and instead outsources its credit card linking to Yodlee, a leading data aggregation and analytics platform, which means you can rest assured that your credit card information is secure.

4. Ibotta

Ibotta is a free mobile app that allows you to earn cash back (not points) for completing simple, in-app tasks and then buying specific grocery items and uploading the receipt.

Here’s how it works:

Your first step is to download the Ibotta app. The app is available for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

Once you have the app and sign up, you are presented with several products (things you’d find at Target, Walmart, Walgreens, etc.). I was presented with 64 different products. If you see a product you want, touch it and you will be presented with different tasks you can complete to earn cash back when you purchase this item.

The tasks are things like: watch a 30-second video, take a quick poll, etc. I found all the tasks to be painless and sometimes fun.

Once you complete a task and purchase the item, your potential earnings are banked into your running total. The more product tasks you complete, the more you earn.

Use your device to take a picture of the receipt showing the store name and items. Upload your picture to the Ibotta app and within a few hours, they will add the potential earning over to your official “Ibotta Earnings”, where you can then transfer the cash over to your PayPal account ($5 minimum).

Ibotta is presenting itself as a way to earn $20 or more cash back each time you go shopping, although your mileage may vary–as mine did. Still, this can be an easy and painless way to earn cash back while doing your regular grocery shopping.

Read my full review of Ibotta.

5. Swagbucks

Swagbucks offers online reward-earning activities through shopping, searching the web, answering surveys, watching videos, playing games and simply telling your friends about Swagbucks.

According to the website, “Swagbucks is the leading destination for earning real rewards through online activities you already do every day.”

If you’re open to investing a little bit of your time each day with Swagbucks, your rewards can begin to add up and provide you some extra money in your budget each month. Getting started with Swagbucks is super easy. You simply create an account via the homepage, set up your profile in just a few minutes and you’re off and running.

Read my full review of Swagbucks.

6. Upromise

Upromise, the college savings reward program, is actually an extension of the cash back model if you think about it. In fact, in some ways, it’s better than a cash back site in that they offer rewards for using your credit card offline at places like the gas pump and at grocery stores.

Also, you can transfer the money to a 529 account, which means you can see your money grow, which would be very tough to do with traditional cash back programs.

With Upromise, you simply sign up and enter your credit card, debit card, or store loyalty card information. Upromise handles the rest. They track your spending and provide a % payout to you when you buy from one of their partners, which include,,,, and hundreds of others.

The other big benefit of Upromise is that you can get your family and friends in on the action by having them register their cards to your account so that their purchases also help to earn you money towards education.

See my full review of Upromise.

7. Earny

Earny began with a simple idea: what if it were easier to get refunds? The app was created after its co-founders shopped online and became frustrated by the cumbersome and confusing process of getting refunds for online purchases. Thus, they created Earny, your personal refund assistant.

This app connects to your Google and Amazon accounts to get your money back on previous purchases if there was a price drop. They will track your email inbox for receipts. If they find a lower price for the item you purchased, they will request a refund on your behalf. They will take 25% of whatever the refund price is and credit the rest back to your card.

All this means that Earny allows you to save money without having to do any of the legwork yourself.

Earny makes it super simple to get remainder refunds. Once you enter your account and credit card info, Earny will track your purchases automatically. You don’t need to think about it once you sign up. The app understands each individual store’s refund policy and how to claim the difference. Earny currently tracks all your favorite stores–including Amazon, Walmart, Target, and Nordstrom.

They even track hotel prices! If you book a hotel, it will keep an eye out and if the price of that hotel room drops, they will let you know how to rebook it at a lower price. Learn more about that here

8. Jewel

Luxury shoppers love cash back, too! That’s where Jewel comes in.

This cash-back site specializes in luxury retailers, which means you can earn money back shopping your favorite premium brands. Many of the retailers that work with Jewel are exclusive to their site, which means this is the only place you can get cash back from some of your favorite brands.

These are the kinds of retailers who don’t offer discounts, so getting cash back means you can enjoy your champagne tastes and some financial benefits at the same time. Jewel works with over 500 brands, including everything from clothiers like Armani and Brooks Brothers to health and beauty retailers like Sephora and Mac to travel brands like AirFrance and Atlantis Resort

Signing up is easy. You simply create an account on the Jewel website and start your shopping from there. Follow links to your favorite luxury brands. Once you’ve decided on your purchase, check out like you normally do. You’ll earn cash back on literally every purchase you make through Jewel, and receive your cash back once every two months. 

The amount of cash back can be as high as 15% for some retailers, meaning your luxury purchases will be working hard for you. In addition, you get a $5 bonus for signing up. 

9. Trim

Note: Trim no longer has a cashback program.

Trim ( began as a company that helps you identify and cancel your unused subscriptions, which means many people don’t realize they also have a cash back program. 

To enroll in their cash back program, you must enter a valid U.S. Visa card. Use this card for your dining and grocery purchases, and you’ll receive a $1 statement credit for every $5 you spend at eligible grocery stores and restaurants. Your statement credits are entirely based on your spending habits. However, be sure to watch out for expiration dates and restrictions. Some offers have a limit on the amount you receive or the time frame the offer can be used.

Trim also offers a price alert feature. They will scan Amazon for the best price on your recent purchases. If the price is lower than what you paid, they will send you a reimbursement check for the difference. Trim also helps Comcast customers find the best offer for their services. However, if they save you money they will take a 25% fee of your total savings.

See my full review of Trim’s subscription cancellation service.

Receipt Apps Like Ibotta

Fetch Rewards

Fetch Rewards is a free app for Apple and Android that provides reward points on thousands of popular items no matter where you shop. Just scan your receipts and let them do the work. 

The ease of use makes this app a winner. It’s literally just scan and go. There’s no need to perform tasks in the app to claim the rewards as you must in Ibotta, however you are earning points, not dollars. They have a robust selection of rewards though, from pet food, to movie tickets, to gift cards for charity. Once you’ve accumulated 3,000 points, you can cash them in. 

The process for claiming rewards is simpler than making a Facebook post. Take a picture of your grocery receipts–it doesn’t matter where you shop! They will scan your receipt and look for any products it offers reward points on, and then give them to you.

You also have the opportunity to earn extra points on special offer products. No need to select these before you buy. If they’re on your receipt, you’ll get the points, whether you know about it ahead of time or not. It really is as easy as scanning your receipts every time you shop and letting them figure the rest out.

Their referral program is as simple as their app. Any time you refer someone, you both get 2,000 points after your referral scans their first receipt. There are no limits to the amount of referrals you can make. 

Download the Fetch Rewards app to get started. Enter promo code FETCH3K to automatically earn $3.00 free.

Do you use cashback sites? Which are your favorite, and why?

The Best Cash Back Sites (like

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  1. I was a member of Ebates for many years and never had a problem getting my cash back. Rakuten is HORRIBLE. I have to fight for every cent and most of the time I get some excuse for not getting the cash. I will be cancelling my membership and find another company.

  2. I use Ebates and Ebates has great customer service and Pennyful’s visual search and price comparison is fantastic.

  3. I would recommend both mrrebates and pandacashback, i had better experience with them never had a problem with getting my cashback.

  4. Love2SaveMoneyShopping says

    I’ve looked into Ebates, Fatwallet, and Mr. Rebates – and for cash back sites, they do what they’re supposed to. But I’ve picked as my cash back and savings site for more than just making and saving money. They offer additional rewards and I’m able to compete against my friends on Facebook for badges. It’s great saving and making money, but it’s FUN to save money and make money using Shoptricity.

  5. I use Mr Rebates and Ebates both. Mr Rebates has more stores and for the stores I commonly shop at, they usually have the better cash back amount. But Ebates does a daily double every day where one store’s cash back will be doubled. They both do holiday promotions where they will give extra cash back at many stores. So it’s worth the extra two minutes to check both of them before buying and use which ever offers the better deal THAT DAY for YOUR STORE you will be shopping at. Also Mr Rebates sends out the cash back monthly (you have to request it from your dashboard), and Ebates send out cash back quarterly (they send it out automatically). They both have good referral programs – Ebates $5 per referral plus bonus contests where you can get more, and Mr Rebates gives 20% of your referrals cash back amount (from Mr Rebates cut, your referral still gets the entire cash back amount).

    • TerrenceBrannon says

      Kim, the referral programs you mention are well-intentioned but if you assess Lyoness with an open-mind, you will see that it offers even greater compensation in the long run than either of those programs.

  6. I have used MrRebates since 2007 and have netted over $1,200 bucks with them. It’s usually a toss up between them and Ebates for me!

  7. Glad you don’t think we’re a slouch!


    Laura P.

  8. Shopping through cash back portals like Ebates, Bing, AAfter Search and FatWallet is a great option for saving while spending.

  9. Have you heard of CafeGive? Instead of getting cash back personally, a nonprofit of your choice receives the a percentage. So you can do your online shopping and support a great cause at no extra cost to you!

    • TerrenceBrannon says

      Lyoness takes .1 percent of the 1 percent they take from each cashback transaction and donates it to the Lyoness Child and Family Foundation. Their statement: “Shop. Profit. and Do Something Good” happens on each transaction automatically this way.