This Company Negotiated My Bills to Save Me $324 [BillFixers Review]

Editor’s note: PT here. I’m happily paying BillFixers $27 a month ($324 in total) for the next year. Why? Because they saved me a total of $648 on my Internet service with AT&T! To see how BillFixers could work for you, check out our full review below…

Bills, bills, bills! They can seem never-ending. From your cable bill to your lawn service, they just keep piling up. I am always looking for different ways to lower my bills and looking for additional ways to save. But with everything else I have going on in my life, it can be challenging to find the time to find better options.

I put it off and put it off and before I know it, it is a year later and I am still paying the same amount.

When you read articles about budgeting, there are a lot of suggestions for lowering your bills or simply getting rid of them.

Many financial experts will encourage you to cut your cable cord and switch to Netflix. This may not be something you want to do. You may truly enjoy your cable service.

So, what if you want to keep these costly services but still save money?

About 2 months ago I attempted to lower my cable bill. I was on hold for about one hour before I was able to talk to an actual person. I indicated that I was considering changing providers if they were not willing to lower my bill. That conversation was so frustrating I eventually gave up and switched providers anyway.

But what if there was a service that could negotiate anything for you? Even though everything is negotiable, it can take time and persistence to reduce your bills. Having a service to do this for you could could help you spend less and avoid the stress.

That’s where BillFixers comes in.

Lowering Your Bills via Negotiation

It’s always possible to call your service providers to negotiate for a lower bill, and tenacity definitely pays off when you’re looking for a better deal. If you’re willing to DIY, the process is simple but not easy.

Start by doing some research into the lowest going rates in your area–including your service provider’s best rates and the competitors’ best rates. When you call, ask to speak to the retention or cancellation department, since service providers generally give the staff in those departments the most authority to make deals with customers in order to keep them. Then prepare to have a long, drawn-out phone conversation to get your bill lowered.

Though these negotiation tactics will work for most people, I don’t know many folks who actually have the time to research the best rate and then spend hours on the phone negotiating–and frankly, I’d personally rather stick a fork in my eye than do this for every single service I use. Which is why I was glad to learn I don’t have to!

BillFixers makes it possible for you to enjoy the benefits of lower bills without actually having to do the legwork yourself. You get to keep more money in your pocket with no phone calls required–which makes this a perfect option for us phone-phobic (yet frugal!) introverts.

How Does BillFixers Work and What Does It Cost?

It is as simple as uploading your bill to the site and letting BillFixers negotiate for you. There is no fee, all you have to do is split the savings with them.

Once they have lowered your bill, they will send you an email with how much they have saved you. BillFixers charges you 50% of what they save you for all personal accounts. You can choose how you would like to be billed. You can pay in advance for the whole year, or you can pay monthly.

Here’s the email they sent PT:

BillFixers Review Email

BillFixers will send you an invoice depending on which payment schedule you choose. If you decide to cancel your service within that first year and have pre-paid, they will reimburse you your prorated amount.

Your information is also completely secure with BillFixers. The company uses 128-bit encryption when receiving information. They will only use your information to negotiate your bills. They will not sell your information to other companies.

And in addition to the bill-negotiation part of the business, BillFixers also contributes regularly to their blog to give you the latest news and savings tips. This could be another helpful resource for lowering other bills you may not have attempted.

The Advantages of Having BillFixers Negotiate for You

  1. BillFixers Negotiates Several Types of Bills–The company normally works its magic on your cell phone, internet, TV and radio, cable, home security and surveillance, and some subscriptions services. But if you have another type of bill that is a thorn in your side, it may be worth submitting. This could save you hundreds of dollars on your bills every year. You could use that money toward your retirement savings or financial goals that you are working toward.
  2. The Process is Hassle-Free–All you have to do is submit your bills to BillFixers electronically and the company will call your service provider using the information you have given them. If you feel uncomfortable letting BillFixers call under your name, you can add them as an authorized user. In order to do this, you may need to call your service provider. This could take a little extra time but may give you peace of mind if you are concerned about someone having access to your information.
  3. You Are in Complete Control of Potential Upgrades–If BillFixers is offered an upgrade or contract renewal when they call your service provider, they will send you an email before they continue or add additional services. They will never change your account without your permission. They are simply calling to get your bill lowered, not making adjustments to your services.
  4. Uploading Your Bills is Easy–You can simply upload your bill electronically. You will need to upload the PDF version of your bill and submit it. This makes the process seamless and super simple to accomplish when you are on a time crunch.
  5. BillFixers Can Help You Cancel Services, Too–If you hate dealing with the retention department when you decide to finally cut the cord on any of your services, BillFixers is happy to cancel your services, too. Rather than have to fend off countless discount offers to tempt you to just stay with your service providers, BillFixers will call and cancel your service for you for a flat fee of $25. If you don’t want to worry about the backlash of you canceling your service, hiring BillFixers could put you at ease.
  6. BillFixers Also Works with Business Accounts–Running a business can be challenging and very time-consuming. Not only does BillFixers work on personal accounts, they will work on business accounts. There is a different fee structure for these accounts. Contact their business department for more information.

BillFixers Complaints: Some Potential Caveats to the BillFixers Offerings

  1. Not All Bills Can Be Negotiated–There are certain bills that BillFixers would like to help you with but may not be able to currently. These include medical bills, past due bills, interest rates, mortgages, credit card payments, insurance claims, and rent payments. They are hoping to expand their services in the near future to include more of these types of bills. Be sure to check out the list of bills they can negotiate before submitting your request.
  2. The Savings Calculator May Not List Your Service Providers–BillFixers provides a calculator on their site that allows you to see your possible savings if they were to negotiate your bill. Unfortunately, there were only two cable providers listed for my area, and mine was not one of them. That meant I was not able to enter my cable provider to get an accurate calculation. However, I was able to use the calculator on my cell phone provider. BillFixers calculated that they could save me about $15 off my phone bill, which would come to $180 over the course of the year, minus their fee.
  3. It Can Take Up to One Billing Cycle to See the Difference–Sometimes your savings doesn’t happen immediately. It may take at least one billing cycle for you to see a reduction in your bill. This is important to keep in mind because you may be disappointed if you don’t see your savings come off of your bill right away.

Other Options: BillFixers vs Other Services

There are quite a few other bill negotiation services out there (Billshark, TrueBill, BillCutterz, etc). You can see them all compared on our list of the top cell phone bill negotiation services.

Could BillFixers Change the Way We Manage Our Bills?

BillFixers could make a big difference in your bottom line while giving you the gift of time. If you want to save money but don’t like picking up the phone to call your service providers, BillFixer could be the way to go.

Splitting your savings with the experts at BillFixers offers you the best of both worlds–you get to save money and avoid unnecessary aggravation on the phone. See how much you could save with BillFixers.

What was your most successful bill negotiation?

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