5 Ways the Library Can Save You Money

Do you visit your local library often?

I’ve been spending a lot more time at our local library. It’s one of my favorite places. Can’t get enough of this place.

Maybe I’ll write a song about how much I love it here. Hehe. Until then, here are 5 ways that the library helps you save a bit of money.

1. Books, Movies, Music, and Software

Books are free at the library. Unless you’re building a collection, why go anywhere else? And there’s more to most libraries these days than books.

There are times when I walk in my local library and it looks like I’m in an old-school Blockbuster video. Libraries have a ton of movies and TV shows (full series!). I may use them to catch up on Lost.

Books on tape or CD are a great freebie too for the person with the big commute. You could plow through a classic novel or learn a new language. My library has Rosetta Stone CDs available. This could mean thousands in savings when I finally tackle that “learn Spanish” goal.

2. Computer Use and Free WiFi

Most libraries these days are equipped with computers that you can freely use to do just about anything. Most online software is now in the cloud anyway (like Google Docs), so it’s safe to say you could almost exclusively use your library PC as your own computer.

Ways the Library Can Save You Money

Another thing I enjoy is the free WiFi that I get there. I can bring my own laptop and camp out for a few hours, or for the day. Better than an Internet Cafe that charges for WiFi or an expensive coffee shop expects you to buy a $5 lattes each day.

3. Educational Classes

It’s likely that your local library has some free live classes to offer you as well. Many local businesses offer free seminars and training through the library in exchange for advertising. At my local library right now there is a weekly tax preparation seminar where you could learn to file your own taxes.

4. Meeting Space

It’s tough finding good office space these days. But your local library might have some quiet study rooms you can rent out for free by the hour. If you work from home, this can be an excellent free place to go for one or two days a week to experience another environment.

5. Kids Activities

Lastly, the library is a great place to take your kids. Skip the mall and the arcade, take your kids to the free library once or twice a week. If your local library has free programs available, they’re sure to be aimed at your little ones. Take advantage of these free offerings, and pick up a few books as well.

Other Freebies the Library Offers: magazines, tax forms, maps, travel guides, and more..

What are some more ways to save at the library?

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  1. We love toddler time/story time at the library. On top of a story or two our little guy gets to do a project and have a snack. Awesome way to spend some time during the day.

  2. There was an article online recently about the large number of people in the United States, ~30 million people, that visit the library regularly.

    Its sad to see such a great institution being the target of major budget cuts.

  3. Our local library is extremely nice, has free wi-fi as you mentioned, and free study rooms that can be used as office space during the day. Pretty sweet deal – our tax dollars at work!

  4. This post reminded me of my younger days and made me realize why I haven’t been utilizing the library as often as I used to. Thanks a lot for reminding me of the reasons why I used to love going there. Will surely pay a visit very soon.

  5. MyFinancialObjectives says:

    lol, hey rosemary have you ever been on a camping vacation when the weather wasn’t so nice, without a mall near by, and you just needed a place to wait for a while? 🙂

  6. Rosemary Burton says:

    It is a great place when you need to wait for any reason. It is also a wonderful place to get out the heat when on a camping vacation and the weather isn’t as nice as you would like and there isn’t a mall near by 🙂

  7. MyFinancialObjectives says:

    I love this post! I discovered how amazing the library is about 4 months ago, and I have made many visits since. I use it just for checking out books though. But still, if I ever wanted a nice place to get a lot of work done that was quite, I would be there in a heart beat!

    Also I love the LOST mention!!!! BTW, you know abc.com has all the episodes on it’s site for free in really good quality??