10 Things Series Revisited

The “10 Things” Series Is Complete

I’ve finally completed my series of post (for beginners) that listed the 10 things that we’ve done that I believe has brought success with our personal finances.  Just last week I posted #10.  This series is essentially my story with money:

  • #1 Track Your Regular Monthly Expenses
  • #2 Pay Off Your Credit Card Debt
  • #3 Get a Job!
  • #4 Contribute to your Employer’s 401(k) and Get That Match!
  • #5 Put Your Savings in a High-Interest Savings Account
  • #6 Track Your Net Worth and Set a Goal
  • #7 Automatic Savings and Bill Payment
  • #8 Live a Frugal Life
  • #9 Buy Your Home the Right Way
  • #10 Part 1: Take Ownership
  • #10 Part 2: Being Intentional

What’s This Series About?

I say it’s for beginners, but really there’s enough in there for everyone to learn something.  I started this series about one year ago.  I know.  I know.  A series is probably supposed to finish a bit earlier than that (lol).  It’s not that I wasn’t aware of the ten things before I started (…well, sort of).  Mainly, I just wasn’t a consistent blogger, and I went in hiding for a few months.  That’s a blessing in disguise though.  Because it took me so long to finish, you can see the progression of my knowledge of personal finance and writing skills.

What Should You Get From It?

In each of the posts, I’ve tried to add a little back story about how I’ve done things, as well as some application for you to take away.  Forgive me if my tone in some of the articles comes across a bit pompous.  Not my intent at all…just trying to motivate.  I’ve made mistakes along the way, and I’m by no means completely successful.  However, I feel like I’m on track to be successful because of these 10 Things.  If you haven’t already, give one a try.

If the “10 Things” have assisted/motivated you in anyway, please let me hear about it in either the comments or by contacting me.  I’d love to hear YOUR story.

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  1. @fathersez – thanks for your comment.

  2. This is a great resource. My two elder girls are at number 3 now. I’ll keep talking to them along the lines that you have listed.

  3. Thanks, FFB.

  4. Awesome series! It’s always great hearing people stories with their finances. It’s nice to see other people dealing with the same situations I have. I know I’m not alone then!