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Miranda Marquit is an author, journalist, and award-winning personal finance freelance writer. Her work can be found at The Hill, Investopedia, Student Loan Hero, US News & World Report, The Huffington Post, and many other outlets.

Create Your Very Own Money-Making Small Business from a Hobby

What do you like to do in your spare time? Do you have a hobby? If so, chances are that your hobby costs money, rather than bringing money in. But it doesn't have to be that way. If you have a hobby, and a little creativity, you might be surprised at the way you can earn money from something you do for fun. Many just look for ways that a hobby can pay for itself. A little extra income can go a long way in justifying your hobby to yourself and your financial … [Read more...]

Why I Like “Spending Plan” Better than “Budget”

I really hate the word "budget." Of course, like so many things in life, my aversion to the word budget has more to do with my own personal baggage, then any real problem with the word itself. In the case of the word budget, my personal finance baggage is quite heavy. When I'm talking about how I manage my money, I prefer to use the phrase "spending plan." It seems, I think, to convey a better sense of control and purpose. I know that a spending plan is, … [Read more...]

The Best Things to Spend Money On: Spending that Reflects Your Values

Are you spending on the things that you value? Often, we think about spending in terms of whether or not we are getting a "good deal," or whether we are going to use the item we are buying. Sometimes we forget that we will feel better about different spending decisions we make based on our values. Take a few minutes to consider your values, and whether or not your spending is in line with what's important to you. What Do You Value? Honestly evaluate what you … [Read more...]

Do I Have to Pay a Tax on Unemployment Compensation?

Do I have to pay a tax on unemployment compensation? The IRS isn't about to let the fact that you don't have a job stop it from collecting taxes from you. You are required to pay taxes on any income received. That includes the income you receive in the form of unemployment compensation. And, of course, if you were employed for part of the year, you will have to pay income taxes on that money as well. The good news is that your employer likely automatically … [Read more...]

What to Tell Grandma: Disadvantages of Doing a Reverse Mortgage

Don't be tricked into getting a reverse mortgage. One of the retirement “tools” being touted right now is the reverse mortgage. The idea is this: You have put a lot into your home, building up equity. Now, you can use your home to fund a retirement. With a reverse mortgage, the bank pays you every month (or you can get a lump sum), providing you with income in your retirement. Of course, the reverse mortgage is actually a loan; it needs to be paid back with … [Read more...]

Discount Brokers vs. Mutual Fund Companies

The beginning investor is often overwhelmed by the options available. There are a number of places to open investment accounts, many of them providing do-it-yourself options. Some of the more popular do-it-yourself accounts are found at discount brokers and mutual fund companies. These financial services companies offer you the chance to invest with the help of research tools and with the help of platforms that allow you to execute your trades or set up … [Read more...]