The Best Place to Watch the Next UFC Fight (PPV at Home vs. Hooters)

Where to Watch the UFC Fight

I enjoy watching the occasional Ultimate Fighting Championship fight. Who doesn’t? I think the UFC has a big future, both financially, and from a sporting perspective. The current UFC owners (along with President, Dana White) have done much to legitimize the sport and to bring it into the mainstream (i.e. gloves, no biting, lol!).

I try and watch as much as I can on SpikeTV. They offer the occasional “fight night” and episodes of the popular UFC reality show, “the ultimate fighter.” SpikeTV comes with my digital cable package, so I consider these viewings free.

However, the big UFC fight cards are always on pay-per-view (ppv), for $39.95 an event. Usually, these are held on a Saturday night, once every three weeks or so.

In the past, to avoid paying the $39.95 $49.99 ppv fee to watch this on my home tv, I’d go to Hooters (a nice family restaurant) and watch it for “free”.

But was it really free?

Is it better to watch it at Hooters or watch it at home? I did a quick, simple, “three-round” analysis to help answer this question.

Where to Watch the Next UFC Fight? Home or Hooters?

First, I put together an analysis of my previous bank or credit card charges at Hooters to come up with an average cost per event:

  • 8/26/06 – Liddell vs. Sobral – $71.73
  • 10/14/06 – Silva vs. Franklin – $12.72
  • 11/18/06 – St. Pierre vs. Hughes – $16.72
  • 3/16/07 – NCAA Round 1 – $20.28

Round 1: Ground and Pound

Average Hooters Bill = $30.36*

*I know there were a few more times I went and used cash, but I think the analysis is fair. Obviously, there are times when my wife was there too, and thus the bill is higher (like the 8/26 fight). So there you have it: Hooters – $30.36 vs. PPV – $39.95 $49.99.  Round 1 goes to Hooters.

Round 2: Full Mount

There’s hardly a time when I go watch the fight by myself or just with my wife. In most instances, I’m meeting a friend there, or a friend and his wife. So, for this comparison, let’s assume another couple is with us, and this couple is willing to come to our house to watch the fight.

  • PPV $49.99/2 Wallets = $24.99
  • Est Cost of Take Out Food or Snacks at Home $30.00/2 Wallets = $15.00
  • Est At Home PPV Costs = $39.99
  • Hooters – $30.36 vs. PPV (with another couple) – $39.99 Difference of $9.63.

Round 2 goes to Hooters. Looks like it’s still cheaper to head out the door and fight the crowds.

Round 3: Saved By the Bell

Don’t forget the intangibles! To be fair, there are other factors, besides costs, that must be factored in:

  1. The Noise Factor – Hooters is too loud. You can’t hear the commentary. If at home, I could control the sound.
  2. The Seat Factor – At Hooters you have to get there really early to get a seat. At home I could literally sit down and turn it on when the bell rings.
  3. The DVR Factor – Pause/Play – I could watch those knockout blows over and over again at the push of a button.
  4. The Shorts Factor – At Hooters you have to look at those tacky shorts (wait, is that a negative?).

Hooters – $30.36 vs. PPV (with another couple) – $39.99 (less intangibles) Round 3 goes to PPV. Those intangibles are easily worth $9.63.

Final “Split” Decision

If we’re with friends, opt for the PPV because of the comparable cost and the intangibles. If only with the wife, head out early to Hooters and watch for “free!”

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  1. Avatar valdetemptua says:

    I don’t know if they are under contract to show ufc but Hooters, in Tulsa, are iffy when it comes to showing it sometimes. They seem to rather show a game, usually one any person can watch for free from the comfort of their own sofa, and delay any (if at all) fight until said game is over. This is the third time (at least) that my husband and son were deeply disappointed. They usually take whatever money that would have gone toward ppv (between $50-$60), buy just some stuff to snack on and the waitress gets the rest of the wad, sometimes a little more. This is starting to get just a bit irritating, to say the least.

  2. Thanks, Damon. I appreciate you digging around for the oldies, but goodies. Some of the best stuff comes from my real experiences. I’ll have to think about bringing some of this older stuff up again. Good point.

  3. Avatar Damon Day says:

    Hey Phil,

    Great post. The title really caught my eye. You mentioned you started this site back in 07 so I thought I would venture back here and see how things started for you. I am a financial consultant but started a blog 4 months ago, so I have really been learning a lot about them. Frankly I think I spend way too much time on it, but I am having fun.

    I admit I was really curious to see how you were going to tie a title like this together with personal finance but you certainly did a good job. Very engaging. If you did this post now, I am sure it would get a ton of comments 🙂

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