Yo! PT Money Raps

What happens when you mix mad money skills and hardcore street rap talent with a video pro? This:

A very talented friend and I made this video for FNBO Direct’s Pay Yourself First Challenge. We ended up winning $500 and I interview today to see if I make it in the top 5. The top 5 will all have a chance at $5,000. Wish me luck, yo.  See the PT Money rap in high resolution.

FNBO Direct is giving $25 to everyone that signs up for their Online BillPay Account. For more details, see my post about the FNBO Direct $25 Bonus.

UPDATE: I was selected as one of the top five contestants.  Follow my savings journey and come vote for me at pyfchallenge.com.  Help me win the grand prize!

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  1. @Jonathan – Thanks! Yes. Barring some disaster, I’ll have the 5K saved up and then some. I’m hoping to win the whole thing and so I plan to save as much as possible.

  2. Congrats, that is definitely one of the top videos , at least that I saw. You’re going to grab every last penny of that $5,000 right? 😉

  3. We won! Just found out yesterday! We’re eligible for 5K in matched savings. Awesome! Can’t wait to see what’s next with this contest.

    Thanks to everyone for your views, votes, and comments. I’m looking forward to sharing this journey with you.

  4. Nice! I’m a metalhead myself, but how would you incorporate a real message over a screaming guitar? Then again, for $500, I might dust off the Fender….

  5. Hilarious! I wish you the best in the contest and with the baby on the way!

  6. Love it! 🙂

  7. Bad A$$ !!! We’re rooting for ya boss….ain’t nothin’ like a G thang.

  8. It’s nice to see you’re a devoted rapper as well as PF blogger. A rare combination! 🙂

  9. Awesome job PT!

  10. “Damn it feel good to be a gangster.”

    Well done, man… well done indeed.

  11. Hahaha great video. Good luck, the competition does not stand a chance!!!

  12. AWESOME! I loved this! I hope you guys win!

  13. hahahaha, PT I love it. Damn, you are straight up gangster

  14. ChristiainPF said, “just to warn you she asks a few “interview” type questions… I wasn’t ready for that.”

    Thanks for the headsup. Now you made me nervous.

  15. Good luck today, I had mine yesterday… just to warn you she asks a few “interview” type questions… I wasn’t ready for that 😉

    oh, and we were talking about your mad rappin skillz as well 😉

  16. I hadn’t been able to watch it before now because my speakers were broken but they’re fixed now. That is awesome!! I hope you win the whole thing! Way to go, PT!