The Trouble with Living the Frugal Lifestyle – Part 3

We’re on to part 3, the final installment of my latest series, “The Trouble with Living the Frugal Lifestyle.”  It’s all about trying to live your frugal life in the high-pressure culture of wasteful spending (even amongst your own friends and family).  In part 1 we discussed how it’s important to Keep in Mind that Frugality is YOUR Choice.  In part 2 we discussed that You Don’t Always Have to Make the Frugal Choice.  Now on to part 3:

See the Positive: Spin the Frugal Choice

Maybe it's not your lifestyle that your friends or family don't agree with, it's the way you present it.  When presenting your frugal lifestyle to others, do it in a positive way.  Make frugal cool.  Like a good politician, put your best spin on your spending choices.

The way I see it, the choice* for a life of frugality can be presented (to friends and family) in one of two ways:

1. With phrases like, “that's too expensive for us”, “we can't afford that, so we have to do this”, “who would ever pay that much for that?”, “that's a wasteful choice, so we'll do this”.

This person, although probably correct in their statements, is not very fun to be around.  And their certainly not making the frugal lifestyle look cool.  They're focusing in on the negative aspects of their spending choices.


2.  With phrases like, “check out how much we'll save”, “we got so much more because we bought this instead of this”, “coupon's and shopping around are awesome because it means we get to save that extra money, or give it away“, “doing it myself was more rewarding”, “i feel like I got the best value for my dollar”.

That's the kind of person that seems to have it all figured out and is pleasant to be around.  Now, I know I've been a victim of the first mentality myself at times, but isn't the second choice such a better route to take with how you present your frugal life?

* I say choice, because I realize some people are not able to choose to live a frugal lifestyle, they are forced into it by their current financial situation.  This post isn't directed towards those folks at all.  Just the one's who choose to live more frugal.

So there you have it.  Now that the series is over, you have three good ways to relieve some of the pressure we received everyday from this consumer-driven, overspending society of ours.

How do you present your frugal lifestyle?…Are you the coolest frugal person you know? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. ChristianPF says:

    thanks for the mention PT – I can’t wait, only 4 more days!!

  2. Mr. ToughMoneyLove says:

    I would not consider myself a “frugalist” but I do often tell myself (and my spouse) that if we don’t spend that $200 now, we would take a nice trip on the earnings from that $200 when we retire ten years from now. That helps.