My Body Tutor Review 2024 | Does this Weight Loss Coaching Program Work?

This is my long-awaited My Body Tutor review. I’ve tried all sorts of diets and exercises over the last 20 years. Running and calorie restriction, the Atkins Diet, Weight Watchers…

And every time I committed to something, I saw progress, but nothing permanent or life-changing in terms of the food I was consistently putting in my body and my mentality.

Looking back, I can see that what I was trying didn’t last because it was missing long-term, objective accountability.

Finding MyBodyTutor

I found MyBodyTutor when a friend (who’d gained a ton of muscle) told me about the program.

When I asked him how he’d been able to get in such terrific shape, he said, “Because of the accountability with MyBodyTutor.”

His success gave me the impression that MyBodyTutor was about creating a balanced, healthy lifestyle rather than just focusing on pure weight loss.

So I was hopeful that I could lose weight, get stronger and healthier, look and feel good, and create new, long-term habits and attitudes about myself and my future.

I had a strong sense that MyBodyTutor could work… My only hesitation was that my business would have to take a back seat and suffer as a result.

I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to commit due to a lack of time, so it actually took me a year before I finally signed up.

What I Achieved with MyBodyTutor

I was around 295 pounds when I started with MBT in April of 2016. For context, I’m 6’1″ (and a half) with a big frame / muscle mass.

For further context on my history, I graduated high school at 225 and was a preferred walk-on with a D1 college football team as a defensive end.

My goal was to be below 200 lbs and maintain it.

As with many weight loss programs I was able to see pretty quick results. After a month of daily accountability and a new whole food diet I was down around 30 pounds.

By that July I weighed 245 pounds and started adding in some regular exercise (spin classes were great).

I continued to feel like the program was easy to maintain and part of a lifestyle change vs some restrictive fad.

I continued with MBT into the Fall. I remember having an intermediate goal of achieving my “high school” weight of 225 by the Fall. I run an annual conference and trade show and I wanted to be in peak form for that event.

Needless to say, I met my goal. I felt incredible and like I’d unlocked something special within me. This is where I should have shifted into a maintenance mode. But I had a bigger goal of sub-200 lbs.

I then went on to lose 20 more pounds and get down to ~205. Not quite sub-200. But 90 lbs lost! Crazy!

Here’s me at my highest and lowest weights on the program. Notice a difference?

MyBodyTutor Before After Photo

What I Actually Did on MyBodyTutor

Your plan will be personalized for you, but here’s what I did on the program given my goals of eating better and losing weight.

First, I journaled every night. This is required for everyone on the program, actually. You enter your sleep hours, meals, water intake, exercise, and some mindset data points as well (like what you’re thankful for).

Next, I moved towards incorporating more whole foods into my diet. I eventually found the things that worked for me, which included:

  • Eggs for breakfast (sometimes a protein shake)
  • Chipotle-type meal for lunch
  • Nuts during the day
  • Whatever the wife was making for dinner, which most of the time included a vegetable and a protein
  • Frozen fruit or a sugar-free pudding for a snack

When I was a bit more strict on this (and getting a ton of sleep and water) I would find my body entering the ketosis process and my weight loss would speed up.

The Mistakes I Made with MBT

Life wasn’t perfect on MyBodyTutor. For one, I struggled with perfection on the program. So much so, when I had a bad day I wouldn’t check in with my tutor. I would hide.

Then, after a few days, I would confess and recommit. It was a bad cycle. But the MBT team really worked with my on this perfectionism and we found ways to deal with it.

If you do this program, you need to commit to talking with your tutor no matter what! In fact, it’s better to make mistakes early on so you’re comfortable talking to them about your little struggles.

We all struggle, but part of this program is learning to work with those struggles. You won’t build those “struggle muscles” if you don’t work them out.

Secondly, I made the mistake of setting too big of a goal. And more importantly, not being flexible with my original goal.

My tutor tried to help me adjust my thinking, but I wouldn’t listen. It was sub 200 lbs or bust.

200 sounds reasonable enough. But my body did NOT want to let me exist at that weight given my frame, all the new energy/activity, the workouts, and HIT I was doing.

I actually started developing a bad relationship with food again and was disappointed when I ONLY lost a pound in a couple of weeks time.

My perspective was all out of wack, and my tutor could see it.

Ultimately, this lack of perspective led to some disappointment with the program and my tutor in the immediate. Looking back on this now, I feel foolish.

If you choose to do MBT listen to your tutor when they suggest a reasonable weight loss goal. You don’t want to racthet this thing down too hard so that you break like I did.

Life After MyBodyTutor – What I Learned

I was able to maintain a weight of 230-240 for several years (2017 to 2021). Now in 2023 I’m fluxuating between 240-250. That’s still 40 pounds lighter than my peak!

I’m still confident about my ability to make good eating choices long-term. And I no longer feel like I have the burden to bear — be obsessed about my weight for the rest of my life or be fat.

MyBodyTutor has given me the hacks, knowledge, and mindset to do all of this in stride.

My hopes were definitely met. Oh, and my business had the best year ever while on MyBodyTutor. I only wish I didn’t wait so long to get started!

I know (we all know) “what” to do to be healthier. I didn’t need another program telling me to eat more fruit and vegetables or hit the gym.

What I needed was someone to hold me accountable for better choices that I knew I should make, along with helping me change my relationship with food and exercise.

MyBodyTutor is different from the billion other companies because of its accountability, customization, and flexibility.

  • You have a real, dedicated person checking on you daily.
  • And the actual eating plan and workout plan are super personalized and flexible according to my changing likes and dislikes.

I used to believe that it was all or nothing with my health — either I focused 100 percent on my health and weight to keep it in check, OR I didn’t.

But MyBodyTutor helped me find a happy medium and make staying healthy a habit rather than an on/off switch. It’s well worth the investment.

Put your money toward something that can actually change your life and future.

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