Stay Cool When Saving Money on the Electric Bill

As the weather heats up for me here in Texas, my electric bill tends to rise as well. The culprit is obviously my A/C. The air conditioner uses a massive amount of electricity to do it’s thing. I’m glad I have it, but the costs can be surprising, especially in older homes. But saving money on the electric bill isn’t hard when you take the right steps. Here are a few:

Saving Money on Electric Bill by Using FansInstall a Programmable Thermostat – Set your air conditioner up on an automatic timer and have it raise the temperature when you are gone during the day (work, school, etc.) and lower it when you plan on being in the house. I go with 75 or 76 at night. Too hot?

Do More Outside the Home
– If you’re stuck at home during the Summer months, try to get outside as much as possible. Use the A/C at the library, the mall, or visit the pool.

Protect Your Windows – Focus your efforts on the south facing side of the home. Keep the windows covered with blinds and curtains. Also make sure you aren’t leaking cool air. Check your window insulation for leaks. Grab some caulk and get to work.

Change Your Filter – Change your filter every month in the Summer.

Use Fans Properly
– Use fans to cycle warm air out and bring the cool air in. Keep in mind that unless you are trying to cycle the air, fans only work if you are under them. Don’t leave fans on in empty rooms.

Shop Around for Cheaper Electricity Providers – Finally, if you can, shop around for different electricity providers and see if you can get a better rate elsewhere.

What tips do you have for staying cool in the Summer and keeping the electricity bill low?

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  1. Money Smarts says

    We use fans in the house in the summer – and then keep the temp slightly higher than we would have otherwise. We also keep the blinds drawn in most rooms to help reflect some of that sunlight and keep the rooms cooler. it does seem to work pretty well.