PYF Challenge Update: New Promo Videos Unveiled

This past weekend I was excited to find that FNBO Direct had recently uploaded some more promotional videos for the Pay Yourself First (PYF) Challenge. With some tweaking I was able to share them here in HD format.

This first video is an introduction to the PYF Challenge, the contestants, and the experts, Liz Weston and Rajive Johri. video link

This next video is a more detailed question and answer with just me. video link

Seeing these videos reminded me of the great time I had in Omaha meeting the great folks at FNBO Direct and the other contestants. It also got me excited again about the PYF Challenge, which lasts another few months. Read the latest post on my PYF Challenge Blog.

Thanks to your continued votes, we're currently hanging on to third place. I appreciate your continued support of Prime Time Money and of me in the PYF Challenge. Over the next few months I hope to share more about the other contestant, and of course, any media opportunities that result from the contest.

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Last Edited: June 9, 2011 @ 9:16 am
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  1. Voted for you. go get ’em pt!

  2. You look really sharp, Phil. You communicated clearly and came across as genuine.

  3. Wow what a great thing you got going on there? Great interview you posted as well. Good luck with the challenge Phil