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Podcasts About Starting a Business

Yo, new business owner! Starting up can be a lot to handle, but trust me, podcasts are a total game changer. They’re typically totally free and easy to find, and you can listen to them anywhere – during your commute, at the gym, or even while doing chores.

But the real perk? Podcasts give you the inside scoop on the entrepreneur experience. You’ll hear from people who’ve been in your shoes and learn from their wins and losses. Plus, you’ll get a variety of viewpoints on different biz building aspects, from bootstrapping to growth hacking. It’s like having a personal mentor on call.

Another bonus? Podcasts keep you in the loop on the latest trends and tech in your field. It’ll help you stay current and ahead of the game in this fast-paced world.

I hosted the Part-Time Money podcast a few years back, but I’m listing more current shows below.

Make podcasts a regular part of your routine; they’re a fun and informative way to learn about entrepreneurship. You might even pick up a tip that takes your business to the next level.

Podcasts About Starting a Business

1. My First Million

Join the My First Million team as they explore daily business opportunities. They break down how to jump on these opportunities, making it easy for anyone to start their own business. The possibilities are endless, from gaining your first million users to increasing revenue and profits and building a team. Tune in and discover what exciting new venture you can start tomorrow!

2. The Game

The Game Podcast welcomes you to a show where the host, Alex Hormozi, shares insights on acquiring more customers, increasing profit per customer, and retaining them for extended periods. Listen in as Alex candidly discusses the failures and valuable lessons learned on the journey to achieving $100M in sales. Expect a dose of roll-up-your-sleeves hustle combined with a sprinkle of cleverness and a whole lot of passion.

3. She’s Just Getting Started

Join Kimberly Brock each week as the young entrepreneur shares her big insights & wisdom to help you “build a personally fulfilling & impactful business.” Kimberly gives you quick practical tips and more strategies for getting your business up and running.

4. The Sweaty Startup

According to the website, The Sweaty Startup Podcast is “packed with the principles, strategies, and methods used to grow successful companies.” Nick Huber is your host and promises to be concise and action-oriented.

5. StartUp

It’s old, but his podcast is a great listen for anyone looking to start a business. It follows the journey of Gimlet Media, from its inception as an idea to its evolution into a successful business. The storytelling is engaging and relatable, and the behind-the-scenes look at the challenges and successes of starting a business is fantastic.

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6. How I Built This

Another oldie, this NPR podcast is fantastic for entrepreneurs looking for inspiration and practical advice. The interviews with successful business leaders provide valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities of building a business from scratch. I like how the podcast highlights the backstory of some of the most known companies, how they faced and overcame hurdles, and learned a thing or two from their mistakes.

7. Entrepreneurs on Fire

John Lee Dumas has a great interview style that makes the show feel like you’re conversing with a friend. He brings on many entrepreneurs and business leaders, and the conversations are packed with actionable advice and inspiration. This podcast’s wide range of guests allows for diverse insights and strategies.

Listen to my episode with EOF.

8. Side Hustle Show

Excellent for anyone interested in starting a side hustle or small business. The host, Nick Loper, provides valuable insights and practical advice on how to turn your side hustle ideas into a profitable reality. He interviews successful side hustlers and entrepreneurs and shares their stories, tips, and strategies for success. The podcast covers various topics, from niche selection to marketing and scaling your business. I like the focus on side hustles, which makes it relatable to many entrepreneurs, and how the podcast offers many actionable tips that you can use for any side hustle or small business. It can fuel motivation and give a way to brainstorm new ideas for your business.

9. Masters of Scale

A great way to learn from some of the most successful entrepreneurs and business leaders of our time. Host Reid Hoffman, a LinkedIn co-founder, has great insights and perspectives on business scaling and growth. Each episode features a successful entrepreneur or business leader sharing their stories and strategies to achieve dramatic growth. I appreciate how the show goes in-depth into the company’s story and how it achieved growth instead of just giving surface-level information.

10. Earn Your Leisure

Rashad Bilal and Troy Millings are the Earn Your Leisure podcast hosts. This show looks behind the scenes at the financial, entertainment, and sports industries. They also highlight the back stories of entrepreneurs. They then break down those business models and examine the latest economic trends. Earn Your Leisure is a “college business class mixed with pop culture.”

11. Startups for the Rest of Us

This is an excellent resource for anyone interested in starting a software startup. Mike Taber and Rob Walling are both experienced entrepreneurs themselves, and they provide valuable and practical advice on everything from bootstrapping and product development to marketing and fundraising. The specific focus on software startups allows a more targeted learning approach.

What are your favorite podcasts about starting a business?

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