The Best Bill Negotiation Services for Business Owners

Don’t want to go through the effort of changing cell phone companies to get a better deal?

Still want to save a few bucks? You may want to consider using a bill negotiation service to reduce your business and personal expenses. They’ll negotiate your bill for you, saving you hassle and money.

Below, we compare a few of the most popular bill negotiation services available today.

1. BillFixers

Most bill negotiation services use the same basic business model. For this reason, BillFixers is similar to BillBargain in many regards. They provide their services for free unless they lower your bill.

But BillFixers is pretty confident that they will be able to get you a lower monthly payment on your bills. They say they lower 95% of the bills that they get. That’s pretty impressive.

How Does BillFixers Work?

Once again, this section is going to look familiar. With BillFixers, you simply upload a PDF of your bill and they immediately get to work trying to negotiate it down.

One of the areas that BillFixers does separate from the crowd, though, is their heavy emphasis on businesses. When you sign up for a business plan with BillFixers, they don’t just negotiate your bill one time. Instead, they continue to provide assistance for the full duration of any long-term contracts.

Below, you’ll see a few more perks that BillFixers gives their business customers.

bill negotiation service

How Does BillFixers Get Paid?

BillFixers will take a slightly bigger cut of your savings, keeping a full 50%. For personal accounts, BillFixers only charges for the first year of savings. Any savings after that goes right into your pocket!

But since business accounts receive regular attention from BillFixers, they are charged differently. In their FAQ section, BillFixers recommends that business owners check out their business page for more information about business pricing or shoot them an email.

Learn more about BillFixers here.

Is BillFixers Safe?

Yes. BillFixers also uses bank-level 256-bit encryption. You can rest easy that your personal information should be kept safe.

Is BillFixers Legit?

Yes, BillFixers is a legitimate service that has saved individuals and businesses a ton of money. As you can see below, their business page gives case studies of two businesses that saved over $10,000 a year using BillFixers and another business that saved a whopping $47,000!

bill negotiation

If you have questions about their service, feel free to contact BillFixers by email at or phone at 707-532-4557.

2. BillBargain

BillBargain is a negotiation service that is completely free to try. You don’t pay anything unless they save you money. In addition to cell phone plans, BillBargain can negotiate your cable, internet, and alarm service as well.

How Does BillBargain Work?

After setting up your BillBargain account, you’ll schedule a phone call with a Bill Bargain expert or simply upload your bill. Then, BillBargain’s team gets to work trying to lower your bill.

That’s really all there is to it. You don’t have to spend hours waiting in-line or on hold. BillBargain takes cares of all the dirty work for you. And if they’re able to negotiate a special promotion or discount with your service provider, those savings get passed along to you!

How Does BillBargain Get Paid?

If they’re able to successfully negotiate a lower bill on your behalf, BillBargain will take a 40% cut of the savings. So for every $100 in savings, you keep $60 and BillBargain gets the other $40.

It’s important to note though that BillBargain gets 40% of how much they save you in total over the life of your contract, with a max contract length of 24 months.

This could lead to you having to pay BillBargain a pretty hefty upfront payment. For example, if they’re able to save you $30 a month on a 24-month cell phone contract, that would be a total savings of $720. And since BillBargain takes their 40% cut upfront, you’d owe them $288 (40% of $720).

Thankfully, BillBargain’s flexible payment plans allow you to spread your fee up to 10 months. But to set up the convenient payment plan, you’ll need to pay a one-time service fee of $9.

Is BillBargain Safe?

Yes. BillBargain uses bank-level 256-bit encryption to protect your important information and documents.

Is BillBargain Legit?

BillBargain is not a scam. They are a legitimate company that wants to help you save money on your bills. Below is a video with some testimonials from actual customers.

By the very nature of their service, it’s very easy to get ahold of a real person at BillBargain.

Feel free to email them at, call their customer service line at 800-763-0130, or talk with a representative on their website via Chat.

3. BillShark

Since launching in 2016, BillShark says they’ve saved their customers more than $10 million, with an average customer savings of $300 per year. And they’re backed by the biggest shark of them all — Mark Cuban.

BillShark has definitely made waves with its bill negotiation service. In fact, they’ve even been featured on the NBC evening news!

How Does BillShark Work?

Like the other bill negotiation services, you begin by uploading a PDF of your bill to BillShark. Or, alternatively, you can just snap a picture of your bill with your phone and send the pic their way.

Then BillShark gets to work. They say that their “sharks” have an 85% success rate negotiating bills for phones, cable TV, satellite TV, internet, and home security.

How Does BillShark Get Paid?

BillShark uses a pricing model that’s very similar to BillBargain’s. They take a 40% cut of the amount they’re able to save you on your bill. And like Bill Bargain, their fee is capped at 24-months.

Bill Shark has a payment plan option as well, with payments able to be spread over 6 months. When you receive your invoice, there will be a link provided that you can click to set up your payment plan. Bill Shark charges a $9 one-time set-up fee for payment plans.

Learn more about BillShark here.

Is BillShark Safe?

Yes. Once again, Bill Shark stores your personal information behind bank-level encryption and does not give your information out to anyone without your permission.

Is BillShark Legit?

Absolutely. If the Mark Cuban backing and news spot weren’t enough to convince you that Bill Shark is a legitimate company, feel free to check out some of their customer reviews.

If you want more info, you can talk to a live shark by phone at 1-800-957-1710. You can also email them at or talk with a representative via Chat on their website.

Don’t want to regotiate your cell phone bill? Try a new cell phone plan instead.

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