My Medi-Share Review 2022 | 8 Years of Healthcare Sharing

I've been with Medi-Share for eight years. This is my review of the Christian healthcare sharing program, updated for 2022. I'm currently paying ~$350 per month to cover my family of five. Prior to joining this healthcare expense-sharing community, I was paying a staggering $1,100/month for a health insurance plan through Humana! This is a monthly savings of around $750 per month. That's more than $70,000 in savings over eight … [Read more...]

Do You Need Insurance For Your Internet Business?

Killer internet business idea: check. Business plan: check. Domain name: check. Customer base: check. Insurance: ch…wait, what? For many internet business owners, internet business insurance is not one of their first (or even fifth) concerns. While no traditional small business owner--with stock to lose, a storefront to maintain, and payroll to meet--would consider operating without insurance, many internet startups do just … [Read more...]

Fabric Life Insurance Review 2022 | Should You Use It?

  My husband and I purchased 20-year term life insurance policies several years ago. We had just welcomed our second son--and lost my father--the year before. Prior to my father's death, my husband and I only carried the life insurance we were able to get through his workplace. His policy would replace one year's worth of his income, and the small spousal policy that I carried would pay out $15,000. But we both realized this … [Read more...]

Bestow Life Insurance Review 2022: Term Life Insurance in Minutes?

  If you've ever gone through the traditional route for finding life insurance, you know the headaches built into the process. Things like high-pressure sales, struggling to compare apples to apples among products, a mandatory physical exam, and excessive paperwork. Online life insurance brokers have made it easier to shop for quotes, compare rates, and avoid hard-selling insurance agents. But they haven't been able to … [Read more...]

Christian Healthcare Ministries Review 2022: Can You Save on Healthcare?

Christian Healthcare Ministries is a healthcare sharing ministry in which members can share medical costs while staying faithful to Christian beliefs and biblical principles. Although companies such as CHM have been around for decades, these companies are less-known because traditional health insurance is standard in the United States. Christian Healthcare Ministries is an affordable alternative to traditional health insurance. … [Read more...]

Liberty HealthShare vs Medi-Share | Which is Best in 2022?

Important: At this point there are too many consumer complaints and legal issues surrounding Liberty HealthShare for us to even give them consideration. Point blank, we don't recommend them. Check out our reviews of Medi-Share or Christian Healthcare Ministries. With the explosion in the cost of health insurance in the past few years, Christian health sharing ministries are becoming increasingly popular. Two of the most popular are: Liberty HealthShare … [Read more...]

Liberty HealthShare Review 2022

Important: We've received a large number of negative comments about Liberty Healthshare, and their legal troubles are not a good sign. If you're looking for another option, we recommend Medishare. Read our review of Medishare. Stratospheric health insurance premiums have become practically cliche in recent years. So much so, that even eight years into the rollout of Obamacare, millions of Americans continue to go without health … [Read more...]

Ladder Life Insurance Review 2022 | Does Laddering Make Sense for You?

  Editor's note: Hey, this is PT. You know I'm a huge fan of term life insurance for those young and married with kids like me. These days it's easier than ever to get signed up for life insurance and protect your family. Do it! Of course, I'm also a fan of self-insuring as much as possible and we're happily heading that direction - getting rid of debt and saving up for our retirement. But I've often thought about changing my life insurance strategy … [Read more...]

The Best Online Term Life Insurance Companies in 2022

  It can hardly be a coincidence that no language on Earth has ever produced the phrase “as fun and exciting as shopping for life insurance.” That’s because insurance shopping is traditionally a frustrating endeavor. For one thing, no one wants to think about their own mortality, which makes life insurance shopping something of a bummer from the get-go. Then the difficulty of comparing apples to apples among products and … [Read more...]

HSA vs FSA: Which is Better? [Comparison Chart Included]

Here's the thing: In light of past health care discussions on my blog and the fact that benefit re-enrollment period is up us, I thought I'd address a couple of tax-advantaged medical savings accounts: the Health Savings Account and the Flexible Spending Account. Ready for a HSA vs FSA showdown? Strap in! Who am I to offer up this comparison? Well, I used a Flexible Spending Account for some time when I was employed and had a nice group health … [Read more...]

Take the Frustration Out of Insurance Shopping with Policygenius

In the five years that I have been writing about personal finance, I have done quite a bit of research on life insurance and other insurance products. In that time, I’ve concluded that I’d rather do pretty much anything—including cleaning the Indianapolis Motor Speedway with a toothbrush—than shop around for insurance. If you have ever bought an insurance product, you can understand my attitude. Between the difficulty of comparing apples to apples among products … [Read more...]

Progressive Auto Insurance Claims Review

Insurance.  It's a staple within the realms of responsible personal finance, but one I absolutely despise. I hate the idea of insurance, the process of claiming insurance and generally speaking the companies which offer insurance. Every month I write a $600 check for my families health insurance, I grind my teeth on the way to and from the mailbox. Be that as it may, I understand that without insurance, I'm taking risks I cannot afford to. And so, I … [Read more...]

How to Buy the Best Life Insurance in 7 Easy Steps [The Ultimate Guide]

  Do you need life insurance? Ever wonder what it's like to go through the LONG process of researching and selecting a life insurance policy? I highly recommend you get life insurance, but I don't necessarily wish the buying process upon you. It can be tough to navigate. I'll share my experience with buying my own term policy as well. This includes: getting the life insurance quote, selecting the insurance … [Read more...]

Gerber Grow Up Plan: Sound Investment or Scheme for Suckers?

We can all recognize the adorable half-smile of the Gerber baby. It has been around long enough that today’s parents and grandparents who are feeding pureed carrots to their little ones once smeared that same Gerber brand baby food in their own hair. That longevity makes it one of the most well-known and trusted baby brands out there. But another branch of the Gerber empire may be capitalizing on that trustworthy image. Gerber … [Read more...]

13 Financial Mistakes that Scare the Heck Out of Me (and Should Scare You Too)

Let's look at some of the most common financial mistakes that I believe people just starting out tend to make. I've made just about all of these common financial mistakes myself. So I'm not here to judge. But I did something about it once I discovered the error of my ways. What will you choose to do? 1. Having kids and no life insurance. If you die without life insurance, your kids will, at a minimum, be stuck with your funeral … [Read more...]

My Lucky Trip to the Dentist Without Insurance [Plus What a Dentist’s Recommends]

Confession time. I haven't had dental insurance in ten years. I said goodbye to it when I quit my corporate job. It was a while before I even visited the dentist. I wanted to go a few times, but I either never found the time, or I was scared off by the fear of having to do a crown or something ridiculously expensive. So stupid, I know. The lack of insurance is by choice. I could totally afford a small dental policy, but I just … [Read more...]

19 Easy Ways to Save Money on Your Auto Insurance Policy

What does it take to save money on your auto insurance? There are two main ways to go about lowering your auto insurance premiums: reduce the cost of your current policy, or get a new auto insurance policy. Today I'm going to walk you through both of those ways, plus introduce some more drastic steps you can take to lower your auto insurance. Review Your Current Auto Insurance Policy for Ways to Save I pay roughly $700 … [Read more...]

7 Easy Steps to Writing Your Own Last Will & Testament [Free Forms]

Perfection is sometimes the enemy of complete. This is definitely the case with personal finance, life insurance, and estate planning. The statistics show that most people (54%) do not have a proper Last Will and Testament. Since I'd rather see more of you have something (vs nothing), I'm going to present the steps to making a Last Will and Testament using forms you can download for free. Note that I'm not a lawyer and nothing … [Read more...]