PTM 032 – How to Use Kickstarter to Launch a Business with Max Valverde of Morninghead

Part Time Money PodcastToday’s podcast features Max Valverde, founder and inventor of Morninghead, the revolutionary cure for bed head.

Max launched Morninghead on, the online crowd-funding platform and achieved his goal times six. In this episode, Max shares how he came up with the idea, how he got the product made, and how to use Kickstarter to launch a business.

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Highlights from the interview:

Morning Head Kickstarter
Morninghead’s page

0:40 – Finally acting on an entrepreneurial “idea”, and the motivation for creating Morninghead.
3:30 – Ten second audio issue. Sorry.
4:05 – How Morninghead works.
5:40 – Going from idea to physical product.
9:40 – Raising money with the crowd-funding website
12:50 – Using a viral video and to market the video.
16:45 – Ongoing sales and marketing after the “dark space” post-Kickstarter.
18:45 – Dealing with the innuendo.
21:10 – Current orders and revenue goals.
22:30 – Working as a couple on the business and balancing time.

Morninghead Max Valverde

Mentioned in the Interview:

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