Part-Time Money Podcast

Part-Time Money Podcast on iPhoneBecause you asked for it, I've rolled out a new feature here at PT Money. It's the Part-Time Money Podcast. In these roughly 20 minute podcast episodes (typically released every Friday) I interview people who are making part-time money, either through a side job or through a side business that they own.

How You Benefit from the Part-Time Money Podcast

Hopefully this podcast will become a valuable resource for you. That's my aim. I'd like to one day be the Andrew Warner of side hustles. Here's how I see this podcast fitting into your busy schedules. If you subscribe to the free podcast I promise you will:

  • Learn new and creative ways to generate part-time money.
  • Get inspired by successful people who also need(ed) part-time money.
  • Discover universal entrepreneurial skills to build confidence in your part-time pursuit.


Listen to Episode One – Freelance Photographer


See the full transcript, summary, and links.

How to Listen to More Podcasts

I've created a non-iTunes feed for you to subscribe to the podcast. For iTunes users, you can subscribe there using the unique iTunes feed.

Part-Time Money Podcast in iTunes

Additionally, by subscribing to the main PT Money feed or newsletter, you'll get notification of when a new podcast is ready each Friday. Finally, those who just follow me on Twitter or Facebook will see the post for the latest podcast fly across your screen on Fridays.

The Last 5 Part-Time Money Podcasts

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  1. I also love the podcasts.  So motivational! More please!

    • Philip Taylor says:

      Thanks for saying so, Rebecca. I’m giving serious thought to doing more in 2013. We’ll see.

  2. are you ever continuing the podcast? says no new episodes since 2011. lol.

    • Philip Taylor says:

      @isoman2kx I’m seriously considering it. I took 2012 off to rethink the format and meet some other goals. I do miss it.

  3. Carrie Smith says:

    I recently found your podcast on iTunes and I admit I’m addicted. I wouldn’t mind having more of them every week, since I enjoy them so much. Thanks for the advice and tips you offer in your podcasts and the website here.

    I am working to build my own creative writing/blogging career and I am using the tools and ideas from the interviews.

    Thanks again.

    • Philip Taylor says:

      Thanks, Carrie. I appreciate your support. I know I’ve been slacking lately, but I do aim to get more of these out there. I’ll try to interview one of my freelance writers this week so that you can hear how they are building their businesses.