4 Reasons to Be Debt Free Before You Get Married

Pay Off Debt - Things to Do Before You Get Married

Have debt to pay off before you get married?

In one day, I will be tying the knot.

There are lots of reasons I’m madly in love with my future bride, and there are lots of reasons I’m crazy about our relationship.

One really cool thing I’m excited about is that we’re both coming into the marriage debt free.

Now this may not sound really romantic, but in this day and age (when studies show most people marry with debt), I think it’s dang sexy. But we’ll get to that later.

We met a little over a year ago, and thankfully, both of us were already debt free. Do you know how much it reduces your relationship stress when you’re both on the same page financially?

Right now, maybe you haven’t even met your future spouse, and you sure don’t have influence over their finances, but you are in a season where you have total control over your own.

So what should you do about it? I challenge you to be debt free before you get married.

Here are the 4 best reasons I’ve found to be debt free before you get married:

It Will Teach You Commitment

Once you decide to start getting out of debt, your commitment muscle starts to get worked out. You’ll soon discover if you can keep a commitment to yourself. This starts you down the road of a new level of maturity that your future spouse will certainly be appreciative of.

Can you commit to sitting down and putting together a spending plan? Debt doesn’t begin to disappear until you have the commitment to get a calculator and a piece of paper out.

Once you stick to your plan for a while, not only will your debt start disappearing, but also your commitment muscle will start strengthening. And where’s the worst place to have a weak commitment muscle? Your marriage. So start working on it now.

It Will Teach You Sacrifice

When you are single, you are usually at your peak “selfishness.” Typically, you serve you and you alone. Starting a budget is the beginning of sacrifice. Can you start saying “no” to yourself?

Beginning the process of digging out of your financial hole, while you are still single, shows that you have the ability for short-term sacrifice for a long-term vision. And where else in life do you need this ability? Again, marriage.

Making some short-term sacrifices for your long-term financial health is a great way to prepare for a happy, debt-free future with your family.

Being Debt Free is the New Sexy

You want to stand out from the sea of options the opposite sex has to choose from? Be one of the few “debt-free options.” Being debt free says a lot about a person. It communicates to the opposite sex that you are sacrificial, self-disciplined, committed, and hard working. Who doesn’t think that’s sexy?

Every bride wants to know their groom can provide for their family. Showing her that you were a good steward before you met her will confirm your likelihood of being a good steward once married.

Being Debt Free is One of the Best Wedding Gifts Ever

Again, this may not sound like a romantic gift, but I promise you it is. Romance is strongly tied to trust. What builds trust more? Marrying someone who has no self-control and a history of careless spending while they were single, or marrying someone who has a track record of wisdom, discipline, and commitment?

Start your marriage with financial options. Start your marriage where you can actually start to build a life together. Don’t start your marriage tethered to Visa and MasterCard.

If you are single right now, you are in the unique position to be in total control of your finances.

Will you display to your future spouse that you were careless and he/she will need to keep an eye on you in the future? Or will you offer your future spouse one of the best gifts ever – a person with their finances in order, plus some nicely-developed character traits they can trust?

Ryan Stubblefield has been an entrepreneur since age 9 when he sold custom Christmas cards to practically every family in his church. His childhood dream to own his own business was realized at the age of 22, while he was in graduate school. Ryan recently began SingleRoots, a site that encourages singles to be intentional with their lives.

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    @TekGems Looks so amazing, check this profile @ipaddep

  2. frugalportland says

    I agree, and I’m working toward that goal right now! I feel like I’ll be much more attractive without student loan debt and car loan debt. Although I don’t begrudge my boyfriend his mortgage…

  3. You’ve eliminated fully half of the potential arguments in your marriage by starting out debt free.  Money arguments happen all too often when you’re dealing with debt, and many times cause enough stress to end a marriage.  Hooray for you!