Netflix Unlimited Streaming Only Review

I recently tried Netflix's Unlimited Streaming. This was the second time I've given it a run. I did it back in 1999 when the DVD only version was first rolling out. This time, I signed up using their free trial for streaming and Netflix now has $7.99 from me. But that's all they'll get. I'm cancelling.

Netflix Unlimited Streaming is Not for Me

For a while Netflix Unlimited Streaming and I were getting along just fine. I discovered the TV show “Swamp People” and was hooked. Thankfully, Netflix had the entire first season. I rolled through those 10 or so episodes in about 2 weeks. When it was time for me to get crackin' on season two, there were no episodes to be found. I checked, and Swamp People's second season has finished airing on TV. So why is it not available on Netflix? Disappointing.

Netflix Unlimited Streaming

Netflix Streaming: a great selection of crappy, old movies.

Another thing I found disappointing was Netflix's choice of streaming movies and more importantly, how they sorted those streaming movies in their online virtual shelf. I'm a big fan of new movies. If it's new and highly rated, I'll watch it. Netflix's definition of “new” is not the same as mine. A new arrival, to me, is a movie that has just left the theater. A new arrival is not Gone with the Wind now remastered on Blue Ray. Nothing against that film. It's a classic. But I don't want to have to sort through it when I'm trying to find the this year's Oscar nominations and current box office hits. Additionally, with no sort-able rating system, you're left to dig through loads of junk titles. Reminds me of those $5 DVD bins at Wal-Mart. “There's got to be an old copy of Caddyshack in here somewhere!”

Who Should Use Unlimited Streaming from Netflix

Unless you're an old movie buff, or unless you have a lot of patience when it comes to series programming, skip the Netflix Unlimited Streaming. Or pony up to a higher price and couple it with a DVD, for a total monthly price of $15.98. For me though, this is getting too expensive (and it's about to get cumbersome as Netflix is separating the DVD from the brand and forming Quickster, where you'll have to go to rent DVDs. You'll never catch me waiting on a movie by snail mail. If there is one thing in life I'm A.D.D. about, it's watching movies. When I get it in my head that I want to see a movie, I go watch the movie. That's why I was hoping Netflix Unlimited Streaming was going to be an answer for me. It wasn't. I'd rather take my chances with Hulu and what's available at the Redbox, a two minute drive down the street. Please, Netflix, in the future would you add some decent functionality to your site and bring in some new titles, both for TV shows and movies?

Current Unlimited Netflix Monthly Pricing Plans

  • Unlimited Streaming (No DVDs) – $7.99
  • *Unlimited DVDs (No Streaming) – $7.99 (one DVD at a time); $11.99 (two DVDs at a time)
  • Unlimited Streaming (+1 DVD) – $15.98

*About to become

What about you? Where are you getting your TV and movie fix these days? Has Netflix's new unlimited pricing structure been positive for you?

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  1. JamesFriel says:

    Netflix online is good for the price, except you will quickly us up any usefulness if you actually watch netflix for any period of time. Mostly Netflix online is all about TV shows, old movies, bad movies (lots and lots of 1 and 2 star titles), documentaries, some foreign films, etc. The main stuff you’ll get a few titles but most of them, even main titles 10 year old, are DVD only. Now saying that, you do get A LOT of content from online only, good tv shows to watch, some great documentaries, some great foreign movies, great classics, and a few good regular movies. But after a while you will find it lacking. They do not put new stuff on much, and eventually you will find yourself watching the good stuff you’ve already watched and enjoyed, or switching to another service to find something different. But for the monthly price, you’ll get your moneys worth. The question is, for how long.

  2. Have used Netflix for DVD’s for 12 yrs  – got Roku and shifted to Streaming only – have rated close to 10,000 movies and have to say the streaming is lacking in first run releases and season 2 episodes of popular titles (already released for Season 1 i.e. Downton Abbey) as well as the same kind of content as found in the DVD section for movies from the last 5-6 years…so it has been disappointing and a chore to scour their selections to find anything of interest worth watching – if they do not improve this SOON I will quit it

  3. Ben - BankAim says:

    We just put our Netflix account on hold until they sort out the mess they created. I thought they were going back to the original pay structure? Most of the movies we watch are DVD only and tv shows are streaming only. If they stay at their current pricing level with the drop off of Starz and Showtime, then their video library is going to suck!

    “Under the Starz deal, Netflix gets about 1,000 movies including some from Starz partners Sony and Disney. It’s because of the Starz deal that some Pixar films are available for streaming. Starz also provides some 1,500 TV episodes and “other types of content”.”

    Even TV shows we watched on Netflix haven’t been updated in awhile.. such as ‘The Office’ – 2 seasons behind.

  4. Andy @ says:

    Swamp People. ha, ha. I love that show as well and have had similar experiences with Netflix. Lesson learned. As mentioned above, it is good for kids stuff. Friends of mine actually prefer it to TV because they feel it is just enough without tempting their family to watch for hours each night.

  5. Kevin @ Debteye says:

    Talk about timing. I just downgraded my netflix to streaming only. I realized that I hate waiting for the DVD’s to come in my mail, and I hate remembering to mail them back. I had netflix for 1.5 years, and I primarily used it to catch up on TV shows.

  6. I just switched to DVD only since I really just wanted to watch Season 5 of Dexter (only available on DVD). But I’m getting into a new book series (Game of Thrones) which will take me awhile to read. Might cancel Netflix after I’m all caught up on Dexter.

  7. I totally agree with everything you said. Netflix has a terrible sorting system. Their genre titles range from “comedies with a strong female lead” to “underrated high school dramas”. Browsing is a major hassle. Also, can anyone explain why it takes so long for new seasons of shows take so long to be available on Netflix?

  8. Netflix is really heading in the opposite direction with some of these business decisions over the past few months.

  9. I agree, the movie offerings are pretty lame, so don’t rely on NF streaming for new releases. We do, however, enjoy the extensive Disney offerings for the kids as well as the documentaries we probably would never have known about, had they not been suggested by NF (e.g. Food, Inc., King Corn, Supersize Me). That being said, the days of NF in our home may be numbered, since they split the services and raised the prices.

    • Philip Taylor says:

      You know, Shane, I probably didn’t give Netflix a fair review above. I was primarily in rant mode. To be fair, like you, I did enjoy a few documentaries and things I would have never seen had I not tried it. Case in point…Swamp People. Love that show!