NeoBudget Review: Your Tool to Follow the Envelope System

I was recently contacted by Luke from Tebros Systems about helping to bring awareness to the online envelope system budgeting tool, NeoBudget.

I checked it out and thought the tool looked slick, useful, and very reasonably priced. Definitely worthy of a mention.

Before I decided to share more about this system I checked out the setup process myself.


The setup process was quick and painless. Anyone can sign up for one month without charge. I received one simple email to confirm my registration, and haven’t received any spam at all. Nice.

As for the tool itself, it’s based on the envelope system of budgeting. While I understand how this system works, I’ve never used it. Still, I know that many people do use it and see much benefit from it.

The NeoBudget website is very user friendly. Head over and check it out for yourself. It may be important to note that NeoBudget will import a Quicken (.qif) file. That appears to be the only import/export feature they currently have though.

Want to know more, here’s a video introduction to NeoBudget.

NeoBudget Has a Free Plan

NeoBudget is $4.95/mo (or $49.95/yr) for the full service. But they offer a free plan for those only needing 10 envelopes. All you need is an email address. Simply create an ID and Password and you’re good to go. As I said above, the setup is very quick and easy. Two weeks in, no spam received.

If you end up using this tool I’d like to hear how it goes. Be sure and share your thoughts in the comments below…

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  1. Thanks for letting us know, Mike. Glad to hear Luke was responsive.

  2. Tried it this weekend. Once I figured out how to setup properly, things are very easy to use. I got immediate support from Luke to help get started. Very basic way for us non-bean counters to budget and do more with the same amount of money. Great price too, especially with the ptmoney discount.

  3. Wow, only $1.25 that’s money I can find just walking on the street. The envelope system seems to make a lot of sense and its always great to have some software to help you out, especially if it has a nice graphical user interface.

  4. Looks good, plus it’s cheap. I’ll make sure to sign up.