Where Are They Now? Podcast Interview with a Millionaire in the Making: Todd French

Interview with Todd French

In this podcast I'm sharing part 1 of my audio interview with Todd French.  Todd was one of the first to be profiled by CNN Money online in their “Millionaire in the Making” series.  I love this series because it allows you to peek into the financial lives of normal people like Todd who are having success in their finances.  It also allows you to compare yourself to their progress.

Todd was originally interviewed back in 2002, so this interview will be sort of a “Where are They Now” feature.  That being the case, you'll get the most benefit from the interview if you check out Todd's original CNN online profile (“From Passion to Profit“) and the follow-up article (“Turning an Art into a Business“).


Please head over and check out the website of Todd's successful business StringWorks where you can link to their very active discussion board and the StringWorks blog.

StringWorks Homepage

Interview Notes

Here are the questions from the interview and their time stamp in case you want to jump around:

  • What led you to talk to CNN Money and share your financial information online? (1:37)
  • How did the CNN Money interview change your life? (4:29)
  • What's changed personally since the original article was published? (6:50)
  • Are you still playing with the Los Angeles Opera? (8:28)
  • In 2002, your net worth was $740,000.  What's that number today? (9:33)
  • Are you still contributing to your 401K? (10:15)
  • What is the make-up of your real estate equity? (11:45)
  • What is your future strategy in real estate? (15:02)
  • What has changed with your investment holdings? (16:35)

Todd's Stats: Then and Now

Todd French - Net Worth

Interesting Topics

Todd mentions the following real estate topics in the interview that you might want to know more about:

Gulf Opportunity Zone Act of 2005 (12:50) – Check out this Guide to the Go-Zone Act.  Also, see the White House press release on the Go-Zone Act.

Capital Gains Home-Sale Tax Break (13:45) – For more on this popular tax break check out IRS Publication 523.  And for an easier read, see Computing Capital Gain on Home Sale by Bankrate.com.  The “ownership test” that Todd mentioned in the interview is you must “own and live in the home for two out of the five years before the sale.”

Part Two?

Todd and I talked for almost an hour in the full interview.  Below is only the portion I decided to share on Prime Time Money.  The remainder of the interview focuses on Todd's very inspiring story of small business success through StringWorks and Inovium.  My plan is to possibly share that portion on a blog focused on small business.  So look for that in the coming weeks.  I'll be sure and provide a link.

Other Millionaire Profiles

Want to see more of these inspiring profiles? Please visit my complete list of Millionaire in the Making profiles.  Also, if you'd like to compare Todd's stats to the rest of the Millionaire's in the Making, visit my Facts, statistics, trends, and favorites from the CNN Money MITM Series.

And finally, here's the interview with Todd French…

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  1. I think hes a perfect example of the “water wheel” phenomena. As you get going, the longer you go and the more progress you make, the easier making progress is, when it comes to getting rich.