What Gift to Give a High School Grad?

Last month I asked the question of what money book to get a high school graduate?

The reason is that I have a brother-in-law graduating from high school next week.

We want to get him something for his upcoming college expenses.

However, as the title suggests, we would also like to give him a few personal finance books as inspiration/guidance for his future?

Do you need gift ideas for the high school grads you know? Here are some great books that will help any graduate make wise financial decisions for their future. Check out PT's recommendations for the graduation gifts you need!

So I posed the question on my blog, at yahoo answers, and on the Money Blogger Network forums.

Money Books for Graduates

Many people seemed to have a good opinion about what to give. I got plenty of quality responses. Here are some:

  • The Neatest Little Guide to Personal Finance
  •  Economics in One Lesson
  •  The Only Investment Guide You Will Ever Need
  •  The Millionaire Next Door
  •  The Wealthy Barber
  •  Rich Dad, Poor Dad
  •  Young, Fabulous, and Broke
  •  Who Moved My Cheese
  • Get a Financial Life
  • Degunking Your Personal Finances
  • The Debt-Free Graduate
  • Money Doesn't Grow on Trees?!

Thanks for all your contributions. However, we decided not to get a book. Mainly because I just didn't find one that specifically addressed high school graduates' money issues.

I find this very telling; How many of us come out of college with plenty of personal finance problems and poor habits? What if we'd spent those collge years armed with quality directed advice on our personal finances.

I actually see this as an opportunity to write a good book on the specific topic. I bet there are some other ways, like blogs, that high school grads are getting good info from. I know there's youngmoney.com. Anyone know of any other resources?

Since this post was published, Grant Baldwin has published Reality Check. It's actually a book I would recommend for most high school students or recent graduates.

High School Graduation Gift Ideas

We also decided not to get a book because we thought of two better gifts and decided to stop at two. The two gifts we ended up getting him were:

$50 gift card to Walmart. We gave this instead of cash, so that our contribution wouldn't get spent frivolously on fast food or arcade games. We hope he uses it to purchase supplies for his college apartment.

$50 gift of savings from our Capital One 360 Savings Account. This is a wonderful tool provided by ING. All you have to do is make a referral and select the gift option. We hope this will get him headed down the path of healthy savings.

Beyond these two, there are plenty of other high school graduation gift ideas. Some of my favorites: cash, a throw blanket, jewelry, art or picture frames, organizing stuff, towels, electronics, and tools.

Can you think of any good high school graduation gift ideas or good money books for graduates?

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  1. Shirley Radant says:

    Two years ago I gave my high school graduating granddaughter a cute book containing many quarters for such items as laundry machines,  gas money, bus money, treat money, etc.  It was very clever and the graduate appreciated the quarters (probably about $10 or $15 worth of quarters)  I can’t find it anywhere this year when I have another granddaughter graduating high school and going on to college.  Have you seen anything like this?  Shirley

  2. Thanks for the comments. I’ll post a link to your site on my blog and I’ll be sure and check out your review of that book. Thanks, again!

  3. I wish I saw this sooner. I reviewed Debt is Slavery for the publisher and wrote specifically in the review that I thought it was good for younger folks in high school because it cautions them about spending and going into debt and how much it’s a burden.

    If you want, email me and I can send you the link. I don’t want to be a link spammer on your comments. 🙂