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024: Keeping the Personal in Personal Finance with Jen Hemphill

Jen HemphillJen Hemphill helps busy ambitious women transform their finances from being overwhelming to bringing joy, simplicity, and confidence. She is a Motivational Money Coach, an AFC® (Accredited Financial Counselor) and host of the Her Money Matters Podcast.

Jen is a friend and I owe a lot of the success of my podcast launch to her. She really helped me to craft my show topic and gave me some general technical advice as well. She just hit her 100th episode! Congrats, Jen!

In this episode Jen shares her financial struggles, the goals she’s achieved, and the goals she has for her military family’s financial future. Specifically, she talks about personalizing her finances for her family, the difficulty of saying no as an adult when you grow up surrounded by a scarcity mindset, she reveals her multi-account bank setup for budgeting and saving, and discusses her goals for her dream home. You’ll love it.

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I hope you enjoyed that. A big thank you to Jen for giving us the gold today.

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Jen’s Virtual Money Method [Video]
Virtual Money Method Worksheet

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