PTM 028 – How to Patent a Product and Sell Truckloads with Kim Nimsgern of Click-n-Curl

Part Time Money Podcast - How to Patent a ProductKim Nimsgern is a true part-time entrepreneur, recently launching a new product to market called Click-n-Curl (a hair styling tool). She also works full-time in higher education at a Technical College as part of the leadership team.

In the interview, Kim shares how she worked with the Small Business Administration to find a local university willing to help her do a feasibility study and prototype. She also shares how to patent a product (including cost information).

Kim launched Click-n-Curl in August 2012 and 5 months later she is shipping cases out to wholesale accounts via semi-trailer. She’s still just a one woman company (with lots of help and support from her family) trying to balance this new venture, her full time job, her teenage kids and life in general.

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Highlights from the interview:

1:00 – Tell us why you got started with this part-time business?
5:30 – What gave you the confidence to think you could make an actual physical product vs just having a prototype?
9:00 – How Kim found her mentor, who helped her make her product.
11:15 – Kim’s first phase (ten years ago). What about things like patents? Attorneys vs Agents vs DIY.
14:30 – Using the Small Business Administration to find help in the early phase.
14:50 – Current phase (last 12 months) of the business. Professional prototype, website, trade show appearance, etc. Including costs.
21:25 – Kim shares what gave her confidence to order her first big order.


The Click-n-Curl

24:15 – Kim talks about how to patent a product, competition, etc.
30:20 – The buyers who wanted Kim’s product and how she found them.
36:15 – Selling through
37:00 – Why Kim is still at her full-time job and plans for that to change.
40:45 – Kim’s plans for product 2.0.
42:00 – How to know if you’re dealing with a good sales rep.
43:15 – Talking with the full-time employer and family-life balance.

Mentioned in the Interview:

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