PTM 024 – Unemployed Accountant? Here’s How to Start a Tax Preparation Business

Part Time Money PodcastToday's episode is with Vincenzo Villamena, owner of Online Taxman. With tax season just around the corner, I thought this would be a good interview to share.

Vincenzo has prepared taxes for friends and family in the past, but never really taken his skills to an entrepreneurial level. In the Summer of 2010, his employer was running into financial troubles so he was laid off. He started looking for work, but also started Online Taxman. In the interview, Vincenzo shares how to start a tax preparation business.

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Some more highlights from the interview:

  • Why you should start your own service instead of going with a franchise?
  • How to build the website.
  • How to deal with overflow business.
  • Why you should specialize.
  • Why you should use Google Adwords.
  • How to market through companies with affiliate relationships.
  • How to setup an online quote system.

Mentioned in the podcast: The 4-Hour Workweek

Full transcript coming soon.

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  1. Expatriate from the US says:

    Such an inspiring story. I met several people who were in a similar situation but they didn’t take it as a failure. They built a new career for themselves.

  2. Emily Blake says:

    This is an awesome example of taking a skill and passion and building a business around it.
    So many people default to just trying to find another job without evaluating whether or not it’s feasible to create their own source of income.