That Fat Stack Of Cash Is Gonna Feel Real Nice: FNBO’s Pay Yourself First Challenge

We Won Top 5!!!

That's right.  I was selected as a top five contestant of the FNBO Direct's Pay Yourself First Challenge.  Awesome! If you missed my video entry, be sure and check it out: “Pay Yourself First” by PT Money.  This means several things:

What This Means:

1. I get a free trip up to Omaha, NE, the headquarters of FNBO Direct, where I'll get to meet the president of the bank, Rajive Johri, and personal finance columnist Liz Pulliam Weston.

2. FNBO Direct will match up to $5,000 in savings that I stash away in one of their Online Savings Accounts over the next six months.

3. FNBO Direct will profile my progress in saving the money over six months, starting in October, at  Best I can tell, this will be done by blogging, podcasting, and video blogging. There's apparently potential for several media interactions as well.  Sweet!

4. Lastly, FNBO Direct will pick a grand prize winner at the end of the six months.  Here are the details about the grand prize:

The Grand Prize Winner

The grand prize winner will receive a “Restore Your Balance” vacation to a luxurious resort and spa, not to exceed $7,500. The winner will also have the option to receive cash in place of the travel voucher. The grand prize winner will be selected based on the following criteria:

Saved the most money during the challenge – based on percentage increase, rather than dollar amount saved (50%)

Ranking by financial experts based on challenger's saving skill level: tactics for saving, ability to meet saving goal, and sharing saving challenges and solutions with PYF community (20%)

Vote by American public via poll on that judges the challengers' saving skill level: tactics for saving, ability to meet saving goal, and sharing saving challenges and solutions with PYF community (20%)

Adherence to contest requirements, including active participation in the challenge activities such as blogging on, and other promotional activities (10%)

I'm super elated to have this opportunity.  I think I've got a good shot at winning it, don't you?  Not only will it be a great learning experience for me, but YOU will get to come along on the ride as I hope to give you a behind the scenes view of the contest.  Be sure and subscribe to Prime Time Money to stay abreast of all the details leading up to, and during the contest.

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Last Edited: February 17, 2012 @ 6:51 pm
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  1. Lauren @ LifeStyler says:

    Nice job, Phil! Good luck in the contest.

  2. No Debt Plan says:

    Congrats man! Next thing you know you’ll be doing this full time like JD and the gang…

  3. Congratulations! That is wonderful news! Good Luck 🙂

  4. Thanks, everyone. I plan on tracking my progress with the contest here for the entire 6 months, so stay tuned.

  5. that is absolutely awesome! i think you havea great chance at winning 🙂

  6. Steward @ My Family's Money says:

    Your video was put together pretty well so I am not surprised at all that you made it to the top 5.

  7. Wow! That sounds awesome! Congrats.

  8. Congrats!

    This is a really cool way to get people interested in saving and personal finance. Good luck and post lots of updates.

  9. Pete @ says:

    Dude – you rock! I knew when i saw your video that you’d be one of the top winners! congratulations and good luck in the next phase- we’ll be watching!

  10. Have at least one Runza while in Omaha. For me!

  11. SWEET!!! With what you’ve been doing on this site, you should be a shoe-in for highest percentage. Just a warning, though….next time this comes up, the Fender gets re-strung and dusted off.

    One thing you have to do, is keep us all posted on your progess, especially with Mrs. PT getting ready for school, and the one-income thing happening soon (which I am also gearing up for; Not baby, but one income). School’s a’comin….and my preferred subject is right in line with your blogs.

    But, for the record, the next time this contest comes up, I am going to smoke you. Talk about motivation to practice….

  12. RC@Thinkyourwaytowealth says:

    That’s awesome! Congrats PT! Good Luck!

  13. Big Winner says:


  14. Joshua from Debt Aim says:

    CONGRATS! I a jealous…. that will be an awesome way to make money. Screw 3.5% when you can have 100%! That’s awesome!