Cheap Car Insurance: Women Have the Advantage

Today I want to delve a little deeper into this week’s main topic of auto insurance. Specifically, women’s car insurance. If you’re a woman, or even if you’re married to a woman, there are some facts here you’ll be interested in.

Typical Women Drivers

How would you describe the typical woman driver? Women, in general, get razzed all the time about their driving abilities. And most men are pretty proud of their driving abilities. Women, here’s a cheesy joke your husband might have used before:

“We bumped into some old friends yesterday, my wife was driving.”

Check this out. Someone actually put together this viral video of bad women drivers.

And who could forget this classic photo of a woman driver. But is it fair to cast these stereotypes? Are women bad drivers? Luckily I’m not here to debate those questions. What I do want to do is present an interesting fact:

Women, in general, pay less for car insurance.

Yep. All the information that I’m reading says that women pay less for car insurance, especially young women compared to young men. Why they pay less is up to some debate though. Is it because of actual stats (accidents, tickets, etc.) or is it simply discrimination?

There are several factors involved. Women do have less accidents than men, and they also get few speeding violations. On top of that women are more likely to drive less and have a car that’s cheaper to insure. So, if you were to ask who the safer driver was, you’d have a hard time saying it wasn’t women.

But is there gender discrimination going on? Apparently some think there is. I found this from an associated content article:

Legally, auto insurance companies in 43 states have the ability to discriminate between male and female in terms of charging them on auto insurance. Currently males between the ages of 16 to 25 generally pay about 6.8% more money for their insurance than females with an equal record regarding tickets and accidents. Some people say that the price is justified because of young male behavior but others argue that it is discriminatory and stereotypical.

Interesting stuff. What are your thoughts on this? Let me know in the comments below…

So How Can Both Men and Women Benefit?

The above information got me thinking about married couples. Would it be cheaper to have the wife get quotes for car insurance, sign up the best car insurance, and then subsequently add the husband to the policy?

Mrs. PT and I did it the opposite way. I signed up for auto insurance and then added her as a driver to our policy. I wonder if I could have saved by doing it the other way around? Anyone had experience doing this?

More Ways to Save

Lastly, regardless if you are a woman or a man, there are plenty of ways to get a more affordable auto insurance policy: raise your deductible, look for discounts, compare competing quotes, etc. And even for women, policy premiums can vary by as much as $1,000 annually. So it’s probably just more important to compare plenty of quotes and only pay for the items on your policy that you want, than it is to worry about gender.

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  1. Well I am married to a woman and the best party is that she is blessed with the perfect sense of driving the way all women are 😀
    I will recommend this post to her, she need this for sure. Thanks sharing!

  2. helengreen says

    Yep. All the collection that I’m datum says that women pay lower for car protection, especially ballplayer women compared to preadolescent men. Why they pay lower is up to many discuss though. Is it because of actualized stats (accidents, tickets, etc.) or is it simply favouritism?

  3. Men are just fast good drivers, which gets us into trouble and tickets. Thus the increased premiums. All joking aside, women are probably more cautious drivers overall. Although it is hard to stereotype this issue as each individual has their own driving habits and personalities that contribute to how good their driving skills are.