You’re So (Un)frugal!

Faithful reader J chimed in with a question this week I thought I’d share with you guys today:

…what’s the least frugal thing you did this  past year? …now that 2008 is over with, can you (or other readers) think of one thing we shouldn’t have done, but did anyway? Mine was Metallica tickets, but I’m sure everyone has that one thing they know wasn’t part of being frugal, but had to do anyway. After all, you do have to live life while in the middle of it.”

In case you need a quick refresher course on frugality, here are some of my best articles from the Frugal Living category.

Back to J’s question. First, I’d say that I agree with his comment about having to live life while in the middle of it. Money spent on great life experiences is money well spent, in my opinion. For me, 2008 was a very frugal, and sometimes (regrettably) cheap year. I had trouble coming up with an answer for J.

I guess I’d say the money we spent on our baby crib was a bit of an unfrugal moment. We could have purchased a less expensive new crib that was just as safe and would have done the same things, but we wanted the nicer design and features. We talked about it before hand and decided it was something we just wanted to splurge on.

What about you. What was the least frugal thing you did in 2008?

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Last Edited: November 15, 2010 @ 9:43 pm
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