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Jeffrey Trull is a freelance writer and blogger who enjoys getting a few laughs while helping readers pay off debt and spend money on what they love. His work has been featured on MSN Money, Money Talks News, and The Dough Roller. Find more of his writing at jeffreybtrull.com.

9 Things That Cost You Surprisingly More Than You Think

The cost of everyday things aren't always what they seems. While some things start out looking like a good deal, owning them can cost more than we bargained for. Here are some common things from everyday life that cost more than you thought. 1. A smartphone Image by: GONZALO BAEZA What you think you're getting: A $200 phone. What you're actually getting: A contract for $2,000 worth of service. Smartphones feel like a necessity for many of us and can seem … [Read more...]

14 Insanely Easy Ways to Look Busy At Work (the boss will never know any different)

Being productive 100% of the workday is nearly impossible. But while distractions are inevitable, sometimes we're simply faking it. With 70% of the American workforce "not engaged," it's not surprising to see workers looking busy when they really aren't doing any work. With summer vacations coming up, it's even more likely we're getting less work done. See if you recognize these ways many of us pretend to be busy at work. 1. Walking with purpose everywhere we … [Read more...]

Fifteen Funny Ways We Save Money On Summer Roadtrips

Roadtrips are a fun and inexpensive way to enjoy the summer. These vacations are always memorable, although not always in the ways we'd imagine. If you've taken a summer road trip, it might have gone something like this, especially when you're trying to save a few bucks. 1. Agonize for days over finding the best vacation deals. Must...plan...perfect...VACATION! Image by: dearbarbie 2. Decide to travel to where no one else will. Because who doesn't love the … [Read more...]

Your Financial Life, Explained By Dogs

Hope you're having a dog-gone good time! Here's your financial life, explained by our four legged friends... You're creative about how you stay cool when summers get hot. Image by: TheChanel You always make a second meal out of leftovers. Image by: rmatei You do a little dance on payday... Image by: carterse Then spend it all on shoes. Image by: foundnotfound You took paying off debt with "gazelle intensity" a little too … [Read more...]

10 Shockingly Stupid “Money-Saving” Moments From TLC’s Extreme Cheapskates

If you thought being cheap means always leaving a small tip or stealing packets of ketchup, you aren't familiar with the extremely cheap. Extreme Cheapskates, one of TLC's questionable "reality" shows, features penny pinchers who will amaze (and even disgust) you with how far they'll go to save a few bucks. Here are 10 money saving ideas from Extreme Cheapskates that I bet (and hope) you don't try. 1. Drying and reusing paper towels With great spills come great … [Read more...]

10 Hardcore Money Tattoos to Express Your Financial Self

Think you're dedicated to earning more, spending less, and getting out of debt? How about getting a money tattoo to prove it? Here are 10 money tattoos from those who are (maybe a too little) passionate about debt, savings, and more. 1. He's done with credit card debt and a mortgage. Forever. Image by BMEzine.com 2. Don't bother asking him "cash or credit?" Image by quenluen 3. Why smash a piggy bank when you can roast it? Image by Kevin … [Read more...]