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Credit Card Travel Hacking

10 Tips to Become an Expert Credit Card Travel Hacker without Getting Into Trouble

Credit card travel hacking is certainly not for everyone. It would be wrong for me to make a one size fits all recommendation and tell everyone to jump in and play this game. Certainly, the game has its benefits, but can have adverse financial impacts if not played wisely. What is the rewards game, anyway? […]


My MediShare Review: Goodbye Obamacare

I just dropped my $1,100/mo health insurance plan with Humana. Before you think I’m crazy – I am after all a married father of three and a U.S. Citizen with a IRS-enforced mandate hanging over my head – listen to what I replaced it with. I joined the Christian medical expense sharing community, Medi-Share, for […]

Personal Money Management Apps

10 Essential Personal Money Management Apps

Poor money management excuses are running out for people with the introduction of the smartphone and the influx of personal finance apps.  As you may know, there are a wide variety of apps the can help the average person, or financially astute, budget, pay bills, save money, find deals and much more. Any smart phone […]

Shadow Snow

Pet Insurance Could Have Saved me a Small Fortune – The Shadow Experience (Quick Update)

SHADOW UPDATE – I wrote this post one year ago; at a time when Shadow had gone through quite a bit of injury.  Well, I’m back to give another expensive update.  Today, we learned that Shadow now has a torn ACL.   So tack on another $2,600 surgery and $400 worth of lab work, MRI’s […]

Cap One 360 Logo

Capital One 360 Independence Day Bonus Bonanza is Back!

Capital One 360 wants you to declare your financial independence from bad checking accounts, mortgage fees, and expensive online brokers. They have a very clever Independence Day Sale going on from Monday, June 30th until Thursday, July 3 at 11:59pm ET.  If you’re in the market for a new checking account, savings account, or online […]

Spend Wisely

Why You Need Socks (Stupid Personal Finance Moves)

There is a guy in my office today who is very well groomed, wearing khakis, a dress shirt, a sport coat, and nice lace-up shoes.  The odd thing is that he isn’t wearing any socks.  And I don’t think he has no-show (athletic) socks on.  He’s just not wearing any.  Now I’ve seen guys pull this […]

Jim Wang Panel at FinCon12

Planning a Second Year Conference: Avoiding the Sophomore Slump at #FinCon12

Just like last year, if you follow my twitter feed you probably saw a barrage of #FinCon12 tweets come across over the last several weeks. That’s because I just got through holding the second FinCon. This post will cover the details behind planning a second year conference, plus recap some of the fun we had […]

Fast and Furious

You’re Fired: The Best Thing That Ever Happened

This article is from Ross of Go Be Rich. There are two little words that have the power over grown men to make them sick to their stomachs, slightly light-headed, and generally feel about as big a mouse. They also happen to be Donald Trump’s two favorite words: You’re fired. That’s right, two little words that […]


Perfecting the Perfect Part Time Job: Waiting Tables

I used to work as a server (waiting tables) at Applebees. It was one of the best (and worst) jobs I’ve ever had. I think everyone should be required to work a few months as a waitress or waiter (called a “server” nowadays). It’s one of those jobs that really challenges you both physically and […]

Latest Deals

10 Tips to Become an Expert Credit Card Travel Hacker without Getting Into Trouble

Credit card travel hacking is certainly not for everyone. It would be wrong for me to make a one size fits all recommendation and tell everyone to jump in and play this game. Certainly, the game has its benefits, but can have adverse financial impacts if not played wisely. What is the rewards game, anyway? […]

Barclaycard Arrival Plus World Elite MasterCard – 40,000 Bonus Miles Review

When I started a new job in affiliate marketing back in 2007, the rage was all about credit card bonuses.  At that time, issuers were falling over themselves to give away money up-front; with good reason.  Cardholders would charge themselves into bankruptcy and the money made would be tremendous.  After one large financial collapse and […]

Hawaiian Airlines Elite World MasterCard Review – 35,000 Bonus Miles

If I were to ask you to pick one state you would want to vacation in, which would you choose?  Sure, some might say Florida, California, even South Dakota if you’re a “I love monuments” kind of guy; but I think the overwhelming majority would exclaim HAWAII. Hawaiian Airlines has 29 different locations within the […]

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Part-Time Money Podcast

El Brown Creator of KinderJam

PTM 035 – Create Your Own Educational Program with El Brown of KinderJam

El Brown was a full-time stay at home mom and creator of KinderJam, a learning program for preschool-aged kids. She built the curriculum out of a need to help her son who was not developing speech at the projected rate. When she began teaching KinderJam classes her goal was to help the family finances by […]

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Foolish Financial Fees

Don’t be a Fool: Setup a Fee-Free Financial System

Did you get fooled this April Fool’s day? If you did, now is your chance to redeem yourself. Today I’m going to show you how to set up a fee-free financial system. Getting dinged with an unexpected fee can make you feel like a fool. And paying for something when there’s an equal and free […]

Free Online Checking Accounts

Free Online Checking Accounts – Updated 2014

Checking should be free. Don’t you agree? I say don’t pay a monthly fee for a checking account unless you absolutely have to. After all, you’re loaning them your money. All they’re giving you is a debit card, some checks, and a few monthly transactions with a teller. There’s four different ways to go about […]

PT Money at the Taj Mahal

Not a Travel Hacker? Vacation Where and When Your Dollar Goes the Furthest

Do you love to travel? I do. I’ve had the luxury of traveling a lot in my former work career. I really enjoyed getting to see the world on someone else’s dime. Now that I’ve changed career paths, I don’t get that benefit. I’ve recently jumped head first into the travel hacking scene. But I […]

ATM Robbery Prank

Fake ATM Robbery Gone Wrong, Plus Card and ATM Safety Tips

Did you catch this ATM robbery prank-gone-wrong over the weekend? A group of young Australian guys calling themselves Reckless Youth on their YouTube channel filmed themselves faking ATM robberies. Innocent bystanders quickly run to the aid of the “victim”, and in the prank’s final round, the prankster thief gets a new nose job (not for […]

traditional roth ira contribution limits

Traditional and Roth IRA Contribution Limits for 2014

The 2014 IRA contribution limits remained stagnant from last year to this year. Traditional IRA and Roth IRA These Individual Retirement Arrangements or Accounts (IRAs) were created to provide a tax incentive to save for your own retirement. They are both excellent tools to help you in your efforts to secure a comfortable retirement. I have […]

ADEP Part 2

Signal Speculator Portfolio Update (-0.7%) ADEP Flatlines [Grow Your Dough Throwdown Part 2]

Well, two months have come and gone and I haven’t made a dime in my attempt at stock speculation. Cue the sad piano. I’ve been participating in the Grow Your Dough Throwdown with some other bloggers. Read Part 1. This contest has us each investing in the assets of our choice (stocks, funds, gold, businesses, […]

Tax Deductions

10 Commonly Overlooked Tax Deductions for 2014

Are you doing your own taxes this year?  Do you review your tax return even if you have it prepared by a CPA, friend, TaxACT or H&R Block? Probably not a bad idea to give it a once over. If you do, consider some of these tax deductions (as noted by and make sure you […]

Borro Review

borro Review: Quick Cash for Your Luxury Items

Do you have a Kandinsky hanging in your home or an extra Bugatti in your driveway? What about an Hermes handbag or an Omega watch? If so, you could have them appraised and borrow against them through Okay, so admittedly, most of us don’t have luxury items like those, but there are other items […]

Second App Party - Valley Forge

130,000 Points for the Win: Results of My Second Credit Card App Party

When the new year rolled around and my reward point balances started to dwindle I knew it was time to once again think about doing a credit card app party (see the results of year one). An app (application) party is when you sign up with several credit cards all at once to maximize your […]

File Your Taxes for Free

3 Ways To File Your Taxes For FREE

It’s tax time!  You should have received your W2s by now so you should be ready to file your taxes.  April 15th, the last day to file taxes this year, will be here before you know it. So get going.  Luckily, if you meet certain criteria, you may just be able to file your federal […]

Health Savings Account Medical Symbol

Don’t Forget to Max Out Your Health Savings Account: Annual HSA Contribution Limits

I’ll be writing a couple of checks out in the next few weeks to my credit union.  This will bring our HSA contributions for last year and this year up to the maximum limits for each year.  The process is pretty painless (good people at that credit union), and I know I’ll leave with a […]

Tucson Starr Pass Resort

Our Recent Points Trip “Babycation” to Tucson’s J.W. Marriott Starr Pass Resort

Mrs. PT does a fantastic job taking care of our family – the two girls and I – day in and day out. Since we’re about to bring a new member of the family into the world, we figured it was time for a babymoon getaway (i.e. a little pre-”babycation”). Or, as Mrs. PT and […]