Passive Income

Are Certificates of Deposit (CDs) FDIC Insured?

Passive income the old-school way. CDs are back in style. And with some CD rates at 5%, it’s easy to see why. As you know, a certificate of deposit (CD) is a type of savings account that allows you to deposit your money for a set term. The term is usually from one month to […]

5% CD Rates: The Best CD Rates

Are you thinking about investing in a CD? Now’s the time to do it! Rates are back! We’ve done the research and have found that 5% CD rates are available today: an incredibly hard-to-beat rate. Don’t waste your money on low-interest CDs – these 5% rates are rare and won’t last forever, so take advantage […]

The Top High Yield Savings Accounts for Business Owners

Looking for a place to stash your personal or business cash savings? I spend a lot of time discussing the need to have your money in a high-interest or high-yield savings account. I thought it was about time I put together a list of the top high-yield savings accounts with a focus on small business […]

How to Generate Passive Income with No Initial Funds [5 Free Ideas]

I make thousands in passive income from this blog each month. And I had no initial funds to spend on this blog when I got started. I just started with the free tools available to me. Are you looking for how to generate passive income with no initial funds? You’re in luck because there are […]

How to Build a CD Ladder: A Smarter Way to Save

Today I will explain how to build a CD ladder (i.e. certificate of deposit ladder) to create some passive income. In short, a CD ladder is a group of CDs you might invest in that are set to expire at successive dates. Cash from an expiring CD is used to reinvest in another CD one […]

SaveBetter Review: Is it Legit?

Do all these savings account interest rate increases have your head spinning about where to stash your cash? It’s great that we’re finally earning interest on our money again. But rates are changing quickly. It’s hard to know where to save. That’s where the revolutionary savings platform from Raisin, called SaveBetter, comes in. They offer […]

Discover Bank IRA CD Rates

A great retirement investing alternative that not many people have heard about is the IRA CD. That would be a CD inside of a Roth or Traditional IRA. With this approach, you get the security of a CD with the tax advantages of an IRA. As a reminder, an IRA is a tax-advantaged retirement account […] App Review for Hosts

Giving every dollar a job and passive income from rent… These are two ideas Neighbor mashes together. The message is simple: use what you already have to your advantage. In the case of Neighbor, it’s giving every space of your home a job. Why? Because as much as compound interests add up over time, wasted […]

12 Passive Income Ideas That Actually Work in 2023

If you’re like me you’re always in search of the best passive income ideas. Honestly, though, passive income sounds a little bit like a leprechaun: a mythical creature that provides you with money without you having to work for it. But passive income–otherwise known as residual income or investment income–is the real deal, unlike magical […]

How to Invest Money: What You Need to Know to Get Started

Making investment decisions can be a scary and overwhelming process. We are constantly bombarded with conflicting information about the market. One moment everyone’s excited, and a few hours later they are all disappointed. We hear that investing is inherently risky, but also that it’s the clearest path to wealth. And then there’s the alphabet soup […]

Best Passive Income Apps that Give and Make You Money

One of the best forms of income is passive income. That’s because it flows in while you’re busy doing other things. It can provide a valuable second income, that you can use to fund your retirement plan, get out of debt, or save up for your next vacation. With the dozens of passive income apps […]

The Best Equity Crowdfunding Sites for Non-Accredited Investors

Passive income is the holy grail of personal finance. Earning money without having to hustle for it sounds like a pretty good deal. However, you might assume that passive income is only available to people higher up on the socio-economic ladder than you. If you’re not in the financial position to become venture capitalist (e.g. […]

7 Different Ways to Score a Cash Sign-Up Bonus of $100 or More

Want some free money? There are quite a few companies who will pay you a sign-up bonus just for becoming a customer. Some of these companies will pay you over $100 for simply signing up and following a few basic guidelines. Robinhood $200 Free Stock (Open a Robinhood stock trading account and get a free […]

Discover Bank Savings Account Review 2023

Yes, the same Discover that runs Discover Cards has a bank. I’ve known about this bank for a while now but didn’t take the time to give it a full review. I’m here today to share what I know about this bank, particularly its online savings account. Readers of this site always look for the […]